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    Nitrous Oxide

    Hey Brutha's, I would like some opinions on what is the best NO supplement currently available. NOxplode sucks I know that. Would like to know which one has the most/best ingredients per serving especially/mainly as it pertains to Sex and bonerville....if ya know what I mean.
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    Pulled chest muscle or ?

    Pulled chest muscle or ? Worked out Chest/Shoulders hard last night. Woke up this morning with chest pains. Same kind of chest pain that acid reflux could cause or heart attack coming on??? Also been under a lot of stress. Anyways took acid reduction medicine and aspirin. Still feel the...
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    Sustanon 250

    Reference Sustanon 250 from Schering-Plough Organon ampoules... Are any of you familiar with the latest ampoules as far as what's suppose to be on the label? Looks like older versions had the oblong cirlce around the word Organon but the ones I have are without this circle with Organon logo...
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    KeiFei HCG

    Looking for any feedback from anyone who's tried KeiFei HCG Has a green cap in a 10ml vial. Came with an ampoule of bacteriostatic water / solvent. Is it normal for the powder to actually look like a couple of solid clumps inside the bottle? Have never used HCG before so have questions obviously.
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    Organon Sustanon question

    Sound real? Friend of mine found this in a drawer of an apartment he's renting now.... Clear 1ml Ampoule with yellow lettering For: OBS Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. Mfg. Org. Specs. B. No. 0160 <-----batch number I suspect EXP 06/2015
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    Raised Blood pressure.

    Blood pressure is going up. What's the best way to control it? Anything I can take? Taking Arimidex...actually just started that today. Definitely feeling red in the face...and am red in the face. Opinions?
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    How in the World...

    How in the world am I suppose to scroll down to my favorite "Anabolic Discussion" Forum when they keep putting those Hot Babe pictures at the top of the forums page??? Cause then I HAVE to click on them and then I get all kinds of sidetracked and forget what I was doing...
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    PO Box questions

    What's a good size? Obviously need to get one but I've never had one and aren't they different sizes? What does the Post Office do if a package is too big? Hold it for you?
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    How do you guys best handle your increased aggression from the gear? Besides working out like a mad man. I know I've been more testy with my wife lately.
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    Tribulus Terrestris during a cycle

    This is how it happens: Tribulus terrestris boosts testosterone levels by increasing luteininzing hormone (LH) levels. LH is the hormone that signals the body to start making natural testosterone. In a study involving individuals taking 750 mg per day of tribulus terrestris results showed that...
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    Ebay....what the?

    I think the listing has ended but several different types of gear were on Ebay yesterday from UK. Illegal correct? Item #200524457612 was Stanabol (Winstrol) from Astra Zeneca and delivery to USA guaranteed. I also saw Anavar. All gone now. I think what the guy was doing was charging an...
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    Oklahoma lab busted..

    News9.com MOORE, Oklahoma -- The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Cleveland County Sheriff's Office shut down a large steroid lab and arrested three people after a two month investigation. A search warrant was obtained for a home, located at 417 Madison Ct. Inside the home, agents found...
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    Nandrolone question...

    Nandrolone: "It also appears less effective in activity on nerve cells, specifically on the nerve cells responsible for erectile function. Use of Deca as the sole AAS often results in complete inability to perform sexually" Question is ...Does Nandrolone affect the libido/desire? Or does it...
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    595 Viewing...

    Is that number for real....595 viewing....on the Anabolic discussion forum? Seems like an awful lot of people but not nearly that many actually contribute or comment. Was thinking that maybe the real number actually starts at 500....and then add to that? Dumb question probably but just curious.
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    Cycle Advice

    1) Age..... 46yrs old 2) Weight and Percent BodyFat..... 218lbs 12 % 3) Years of Consistant Training experience..... 25 yrs Have competed 5-6 times in NPC 2nd 3rd 5th.....Light Heavy and Heavy 4) Previous Cycle experience.....2-3 cycles 7 yrs ago...using Test Enanthate up to 2,000mgs...
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    1 ml opening/drawing question.

    Can someone point to the info on how to open/use those 1ml vials? Never used one of those. How do you cut it? Razor? How do you draw the fluid out without turning it upside down and obviously spilling out? This may be viewed as a dumb question but honestly have never tried one. Just the...
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    Sup, Old man here!

    I'm 47 but look like 37....according to people my wife and I run into. So still "got it" I think. Haven't touched any gear in over 7 years except for 2 androgel packets a day (which really does help). Looking to get back "on" for a little while before I turn the big 5-0!
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    Deca / Androgel Suggestions

    Not my first cycle but I haven't competed and done cycles in about 7 years so just trying to get back into it slowly. Have a 10cc bottle of Deca 250. Have access to Androgel via prescription. Used Deca and Test very successfully before but with 1,000mg a week of Test and 300mg of Deca a week...
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    New to board

    Been quite a while since I've been a member of a bodybuilding board. I use to compete. I won Mr. Columbus back in 1988 and competed again in 2000, 2001, 2002 in several Indiana shows. 45 yrs old now but still think I look pretty damn good for my age. It's really in my blood and I can say...