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  1. Stewart14

    question about workout frequencies

    ok, this is probably a case of majoring in the minors as they say but I was looking for some opinions on the differences between two workout plans. I'll post the plans here: plan 1 sunday bench press 3x5 db shoulder press 3x8 dips 2x10 tuesday squats 3x5 glute ham raises 3x8 pendlay rows 5x6...
  2. Stewart14

    Finally think I'm respectable enough to post again!

    To summarize, I had surgery in November 2011 to reattach my left tricep tendon after I tore it off the elbow. Prior to the injury, I had respectable strength levels, over 300 bench, deads in the 400s and squats sucked then and still suck now :nerd:. I was told by my surgeon that I would regain...
  3. Stewart14

    I'm back....maybe not better than ever, but I'm back!

    hey everyone. been a while, but it's time to start up a journal again. a quick recap for anyone who cares is tat I suffered a torn tricep tendon in my left arm back in October, had surgery in November to get it reattached, and began the long grueling process of trying to get back to...
  4. Stewart14

    The S14 Injury Workout Journal

    hey guys....been a while hasn't it? So let's see whats happened in the time I've been away from here. Well, first, I got boarded in my first roller hockey game of the new season back in september and hurt my right shoulder pretty good. The doc called it a contusion, aka bone bruise, but I...
  5. Stewart14

    Can static holds replicate the upper back/trap stimulation that deadlifts provide?

    Ok, so deadlifts work the upper back/traps through isometric resistance correct? So let's say I want to focus on squats for a while and take out deads to save my lower back, but I love the upper back stimulation that deads provide me. Can static barbell holds provide the same type of results...
  6. Stewart14

    Workout Journal

    Ah, my new workout journal to cover everything I do in one convenient place! I have finished a 4 week run of wendler 531, and I am now moving on to a 5x5 type routine, with lots of squats and deads (yeah, just what I need right now right?) I want to see if I can strengthen the tendon in my...
  7. Stewart14

    pain in neck/traps after overhead work

    does anyone have any ideas as to why my neck hurts the day after I do any form of overhead exercise? it's not so much a pain, just a completely uncomfortable feeling where I feel like I need to crack my neck every 2 seconds and I can't get comfortable no matter the position I am in. only...
  8. Stewart14

    advanced German volume training!

    as the title implies, I am attempting a German volume training routine, advanced version. I remember having good results when I did this the last time. I really want to try to see the whole thing through this time, which is hard for me, but I'm gonna attempt it. should be fun.... here is...
  9. Stewart14

    The S14 Wendler 5/3/1 Journal

    Back to 5/3/1, love that program! Going to do it pretty much by the book this time however, no modifications except I'm going to replace overhead press with chinups as a 5/3/1 exercise, and I'm doing my own assistance scheme, but other than that, I'm going to follow the manual. Incline Bench...
  10. Stewart14


    I think I'm finally giving in to myself and going to see a doctor about possibly getting medication for what I term an anxiety condition that I seem to have. I am fairly certain I am suffering from something, hopefully a medical professional will be able to tell me the specifics on what it is...
  11. Stewart14

    Depressed Scapula

    I'm suspecting that I may have some scapular depression. I have three questions. 1. What are some common exercises that can cause and/or aggravate this condition? I'd like to know if there are things I'm doing that are contributing potentially to this condition. Please give me a list of...
  12. Stewart14

    Ripped everywhere but stomach area

    ok diet gurus, what does this tell you? is it too many calories, or just the WRONG types of calories?
  13. Stewart14

    getting stuff

    i'm sorry if this post breaks any rules of the forum, if it does, just delete it, no worries. I am actually just curious as to how the board sponsors are "allowed" to advertise what they sell on the boards right out in the open. Is it because they are from foreign countries where selling is...
  14. Stewart14

    what is the training effect of increasing reps while keeping total volume constant?

    is there any significant training effect in following a progression that changes the rep scheme while keeping the volume the same? in other words, would you be wasting your time if you followed a progression like this: day 1: 6x4 day 2: 4x6 day 3: 3x8 day 4: back to 6x4 with increased weight...
  15. Stewart14

    Give Me Volume Or Give Me Death

    Alrighty, here goes. My recent nagging injuries have predicated a shift in philosophy for the time being. Light(er) weights and high volume. My elbow is a train wreck right now, and I need to try this one last option before I would have no choice but to rest it. My thought process is that by...
  16. Stewart14

    Cover Band Question

    I'm in the process of putting together a cover band with the obvious goal of playing gigs out at local bars in the near future. I don't expect us to play anywhere really big and popular in my area, but I also don't want to be relegated to playing at dive bars in front of 5 drunk 50 year old...
  17. Stewart14

    Can you make linear progress forever?

    OK, for average strength trainers like most of us on this board, not elite lifters, can we just make linear progress forever, why play with advanced techniques if we really don't need them? If you work your way up in a certain rep range for example, and you get to the point where you stall, you...
  18. Stewart14

    Schick Hydro 5 Razor

    Holy crap, this one is a winner! Now, as a little background, I have a terrible face for shaving....sensitive skin, thick beard, ingrown hairs, etc, you name it. I have previously determined that I can only shave with the grain, or else my face turns into Google Maps. I have used every...
  19. Stewart14

    how is cardiovascular condition affected by weight?

    Is it possible to be in great cardiovascular shape and health and still be a bit overweight? Not obese and not eating bad food, just if you do your cardio but love to eat, is this a bad situation? Or does being lean and in great cardio shape go hand in hand?
  20. Stewart14

    Bodybuilding or "Strength" Training

    OK, we all know deep inside we all want to look good from working out, so the question is, who here works out specifically as a bodybuilder (ie, bodypart splits, higher rep ranges, lots of exercises and isolation moves, etc) and who here works out for general strength improvement (ie, movement...