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    Non-surgical love-handle removal procedure cleared by the FDA

    Cool sculpting will freeze the fat off your love handles | The Future Is Now - Yahoo! News Supposedly about $700 to $1500 per treatment, it freezes subcutaneous fat, killing the fat cells, which are then absorbed by the body. And... it's supposedly permanent. So far, only approved for the love...
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    Somewhere, a girl is warming up with your max

    She holds 8 world powerlifting records. She's 106 lbs soaking wet, and is 13 years old: New powerlifting world-record holder is a 13-year-old girl from Colorado | Prep Rally - Yahoo! Sports
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    Genetic test for muscle type and sports performance

    Full story here: DNA swab tests kids' athletic ability Got $160 and are curious as to what your genetic muscular predisposition and potential are? There's a firm that is offering a kit that lets you swab a DNA sample, which they then test for a particular gene dubbed ACTN-3. This gene...
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    Vitamin E boosts prostate cancer risk: study

    "US researchers warned Tuesday of an alarming link between vitamin E supplements and a 17 percent increased risk of prostate cancer, describing the findings as an "important public health concern."" Not a small study, either. 35,000 guys for 7 years. Link: Vitamin E boosts prostate cancer...