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    Egg Whites International

    OK, I googled ovomucoid: ovomucoid - Google Search First result is: Ovomucin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This tells me it's a trypsin inhibitor: Trypsin inhibitor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia If you don't know what trypsin is, you click another wikipedia link: Trypsin - Wikipedia...
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    Egg Whites International

    Sorry if I sounded like I was attacking, but I was trying to head off the usual reply of "But Rocky drank them!" Google search: egg protein absorption rate - Google Search Third link from the top: What Are Good Sources of Protein? - Speed of Digestion Part 2 | BodyRecomposition - The Home of...
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    Egg Whites International

    135 degrees doesn't denature the ovomucoids in egg white. Ovomucoids inhibit protein digestion. All protein, not just egg protein. Plus, don't confuse 100% bioavailable with 100% absorption. 3.5 grams per hour gets absorbed. Google for info before you argue with bro science and movie...
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    Sets/Reps/Exersice for cutting ??!

    For cutting on decline bench you'll want to do roughly 800 to 1000 reps. Roughly 30 minutes of constant benching. I'd start with just the bar and see how you do. Since most weight benches don't have a built-in heart rate monitor, you should probably look into getting a monitor with a readout you...
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    30 degrees or 45 degree incline bench press ??!!

    I prefer 30 degrees, as at 45 degrees my front delts seem to be doing most of the work, instead of the upper pecs.
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    Breakfast Pics! Fav meal of the day!

    Either nothing (intermittent fasting), or eggs, cheese and ham on a bun.
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    My girlfriend is pregnant

    Just wear a catcher's mitt and stand behind her while she squats.
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    A bodybuilding myth debunked

    Links to the original studies: Sex-based comparisons of myofibrillar protein synthesis after resistance exercise in the fed state http://www.springerlink.com/content/228h54586751g19l/fulltext.pdf
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    Paranoid about my form...

    Can you touch your nose while your eyes are closed? Scratch your knee without looking at it? Knowing where your body parts are in relation to one another is called proprioception, knowing when and in which direction they are moving is called kinesthesia. If you've practiced good form, and know...
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    Meal Frequency and Protein Absorption - A myth debunked!

    Who is this guy? He says "Now I know that's not the case" regarding protein per meal, yet he doesn't debunk it. He says he gets 200 grams of protein a day in 2 meals, but doesn't give any indication of how he knows it's all getting absorbed. How DO you know you're absorbing all 200 grams, cj...
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    Who actually trains abs???

    I use cardio to train my abs. Works great.
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    Blood sugar crashing during workout

    Are you eating something with carbs in it shortly before your workout? That'll cause low blood sugar, since the insulin from the carbs will cause your non-working muscles and fat to take up carbs also, causing blood sugar to drop. It's counter-intuitive, but don't have any carbs pre-workout.
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    muscle building and protien

    Heckler, keep it simpler: 200 grams of protein (800 calories minus about 150 for the protein that gets used for anabolism, enzymes, and things like hair and skin that leave the body). 40 (absolute minimum) to 80 grams of fats. Fill the remainder with carbs, and aim for a mild surplus of 300 or...
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    got big tooth pulled today. no food and exercise?! im on cycle doc!

    Gums take time to heal so they won't bleed. The problem with working out is the higher blood pressure from keeping your core tight, and perhaps some negative air pressure in the mouth depending on how you breathe. For sure, take two days off to let the blood vessels heal enough so they won't...
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    muscle building and protien

    Because your body can't absorb that much protein. How fast is whey absorbed? How many hours in a day? Do the math.
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    what are you eating right now?

    Chicken sauteed with green peppers and onions, with tomato sauce. Served over mashed potatoes. Potatoes + tomato paste = loads of potassium. I prefer red peppers, since they have a higher vitamin content, but the green ones were on sale.
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    Most consecutive days you have resistance trained....

    Almost a month. Full body every day, *but* all but one lift was lightweight for reps. For example heavy bench, light squats, shoulder presses, pullovers, rows, pulldowns. Next day was light bench, heavy squats, light presses, etc. Basically the lighter lifts replaced cardio. Natty, I don't have...
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    Weight training is enough, no need for cardio?

    You're on 600 to 1000 calories a day. That's already well below your maintenance, meaning your body will have a tendency to burn muscle for energy. The weightlifting is in there to stop or slow the muscle catabolism. If you do cardio on top of weightlifting, you'll be in such a huge calorie...
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    DXA (used to be DEXA) scan. Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Weight training is enough, no need for cardio?

    You want my opinion on a person who pays for professional advice, and then ignores it and does whatever she wants anyhow? Your trainer tried to put you in ketosis, using weight training to burn muscle glycogen, with a protein-sparing modified fasting diet. You fucked it up. "As quickly as...