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  1. mr. ya-di-da


    example: DeAngela,Demarcus,Deshawn.. why ????
  2. mr. ya-di-da

    what happened to extreme peptides ?

    havent been on here in awhile.. but when i was they were a sponsor on here now i see that they are not. why is that are they a bunk company now because they seemed to always get really good reviews on here.
  3. mr. ya-di-da

    Heres a question for the guys.

    lets say you have a female friend that you knew for a really long time and you always had strong feelings for her but she wouldnt cross the friendzone with you know matter what even though she knows your a great guy but reguardless you guys stay friends. years go by and all of a sudden she calls...
  4. mr. ya-di-da

    Yeeeeeeep !! Do you guys watch storage wars.

    i know its fake but i like watching it.. yeeeeeeeeeeep !! also pawn stars and hardcore pawn is hella funny..hella ghetto ass black people come in there to pawn all their shit.. and always cause a scene.. too funny.
  5. mr. ya-di-da

    Are you absolutly comfortable with your woman hanging out or talking to an ex ?

    if you say that you are ok with this then i call bullshit !! NO MAN is ok with his woman hanging out or chit chatin with an ex..you only tell her that your ok with it so that you dont get into an arguement or look like an insecure douche. We all have jealous feeling its a natural thing..some...
  6. mr. ya-di-da

    IFBB pro marcus haley inside peptides lab

    video shows him working out a bit then he goes into the peptides lab.. Marcus "The Comet" Haley Trains 6 Weeks Out from Tampa PBW
  7. mr. ya-di-da

    Mint flavored research chems ?

    on another site some guys where saying they got some toremifene that tasted like mint and got if from a reputable source that is a sponsor of a few sites..anyone know who this is ?
  8. mr. ya-di-da

    So the end of the world is tomorrow

    suppose to happen where i live at 2pm... lol ! i cant wait to see the look on those dumb fucks faces that really think this is gonna happen when it doesnt..
  9. mr. ya-di-da

    Shelf life for liquid nolva

    does anyone know how long you can store it for and it will still be good...thanks.
  10. mr. ya-di-da

    Toremifene vs Nolva and Clomid

    which do you guys perfer and why... alot say Toremifene is superior ? ive always used nolva but im thinking of trying Toremifene next go around or should i just stick to nolva.
  11. mr. ya-di-da

    Clen with pct ?

    just wondering if i can start a clen cycle while im doing my pct or should i wait till my pct is finished.
  12. mr. ya-di-da

    The legality of research chems

    can someone tell me or lead me to what the legality is for selling and buying research chems...are they legal or illegal so i can sum this up over at another site.. i say they are perfectly legal because if they werent then we wouldnt have all these sites that are in the US selling them...right ????
  13. mr. ya-di-da

    Sap gloves anyone ?

    does anyone know of a place that will ship sap gloves to california even though they are illegal out here ? SAP Leather Gloves w/ Steel Shot Fingerless XL (X-Large Pair) Defensive protection to keep your hands safe! Genuine leather SAP gloves feature steel shot filled (8 oz per glove)...
  14. mr. ya-di-da

    Jas ??

    i dont see jas in the sponsor section ..its probably a good idea that you took them off since jas has been having alot of problems and complaints. its a shame he had very good products.
  15. mr. ya-di-da

    older women dating younger men

    just wanna know what some of your guys thoughts are on this..im not hating on you younger guys..when i was 20 i was banging a 35 year old but now that im older i hate it when i see these older women with these younger guys and they claim its because the sex is better and older men cant get it up.
  16. mr. ya-di-da

    Hella funny !! South park shake weight

  17. mr. ya-di-da


    just wanted to know if anyone over here has tried this new weight loss sensation that im reading about on another site.. apparently it is liquid clen mixed with eviscerate topical transdermal.. eviscerate topical is a rub that you apply to the tagreted areas where you want to burn fat..such as...
  18. mr. ya-di-da

    A licensed reseach chem company.

    ive been told of a licensed research company with the dea...they are held to stricter guidelines...and that there dosing is very accurate..ie..there clen isnt jacked to all high hell...they also have a real chemist developing there product line..not some guy that figured out how to make shit on...
  19. mr. ya-di-da

    Where did jas chemicals go ??

    i dont see JAS in the sponsor forums..
  20. mr. ya-di-da

    No excuse stupid peoples guide to pct

    Let's also start by saying that you don't have to run post cycle therapy.........you also don't have to wipe your ass after taking a dump: it's just a really really good idea to do these things The first thing we need to understand is what is going on with our bodies when we're taking...