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    What happaned to Osta-Gain?

    The new site ;)
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    What happaned to Osta-Gain?

    Spectrumpeptide.com is making a come back!
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    Black Lion Research | 4th of July Product Logging Oppurtunity

    Nice. Send me a PM brother. Thanks to everyone else who participated. Keep an eye out. More logging oppurtunities to come.
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    Running nolva ON cycle... (pct question)

    During cycle you can include Black Lion Research's Formeron which is an AI that will also help you increase test production and reduces conversion to estrogen. Using Formeron in your cycle will help keep you dry and depending on the dosage use even muscle growth. What are you planning on...
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    Planned rematch. Its all about money.:coffee:
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    Black Lion Research | 4th of July Product Logging Oppurtunity

    Logger will be chosen tomorrow. Keep them coming.
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    Black Lion Research | 4th of July Product Logging Oppurtunity

    Black Lion Research Is giving you a chance to log 1 product of your choice! Formeron Prolactrone Acnedren Here is how you can win [*=center]Must be willing to log ASAP [*=center]Must be using something will cause Elevated Prolactin Levels, Elavated Estrogen Levels, Or Increase in Acne...
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    Ready to start my second cycle! But how long do I wait?

    ^^^^^this Get blood work done then you will know.
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    M-Sten (whoah)

    M-sten is a great product. To me its like superdrol with out the side effects. Have you got blood work to see where you are at? Also what else are you running m-sten with?
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    doasge and length for eq?

    You can start at 600mg and bump up the dose if needed. It does need to be ran for up to 16-20 weeks to get the full effect of EQ. Make sure to keep you BP in check while on EQ.
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    What happaned to Osta-Gain?

    I use to rep for Osta and I really enjoyed my time with them. Anyone who continues to do business with them should have no worries as all their products are for research use only. Quality and shipping speed has not changed, the only thing they changed is the name.
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    Thought on thesourcecheck.com

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    Price has nothing to do with quality. We can always raise our prices higher for your purchase if that makes you more comfortable. :)
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    Look us up! We have built a great reputation. Osta-gain.com
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    my log for osta-gain mk-2866

    Nice brother, great log so far. Remember to hit me up 5 days before your rats last dose.
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    Osta-gain's Ostarine(MK-2866) Log Oppurtunity

    I already replied to you brother, You will be our first researcher. We are still looking for 1 more!
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    Osta-gain's Ostarine(MK-2866) Log Oppurtunity

    We are looking for TWO loggers :)