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  1. ak1951

    CEM Products Clomi T3 Clen started today

    Started research on these 3 today. Will post as days go by. Any questions?
  2. ak1951

    4 2 4 high intensity training (hit)

    4 2 4 HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING (HIT) Sorry to start off with beginner jargon but it gets better! A normal body building lift is centered on volume reps and lifting heavy weights determined by what your maximum one rep weight limit is. Let's use bench press as an example. If you can MW (Max...
  3. ak1951

    Black stool poop

    I searched the threads and came up with very little info of a serious nature. About 25 years ago I had this problem along with red fresh blood. I was doing a pretty high stack of steroids and cut way back and the problem stopped. Now I have the black problem again (black, sticky and foul...
  4. ak1951

    Old guy starting over.

    My hay days were in the 70' 80's. Learning all over again. Glad to be here. Thanks
  5. ak1951

    BD syringes...help and warning

    Has anyone had a BD inject the needle when pressed to hard? I have one stuck in my cheek! I know...but it is not funny!!!