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    Find the one you truly love !

    Homosexual Orientation Welcome to Homosexual.com, a comprehensive guide to understanding the homosexual orientation, theories about homosexuality, as well as hot issues surrounding being gay! Definition of Homosexuality According to the formal definition by Merriam?Webster...
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    Anadrol 50 use for older users

    Hi everyone , been a while since I've come to this board and just want some suggestions for a cycle involving Anadrol at 50 mg for 3- 4 weeks and using Deca and Var afterward . I am 40 years old at 5''8 , weigh 150 and can't keep my weight up because of a high metabolism and a fast paced job. I...
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    Hello everyone

    I look very foward to being a member here , this looks like a great site .
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    Hgh and how to use it

    Who has used HGH and can describe how to use this ?
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    The drug PCP

    How many people here have truly experienced a PCP trip ? Anyone ever ate pussy afterward ?