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    I bought a cart of fina, anyone tell me a good source to get a kit to convert it to tren. i ordered one from fina fast inc, but think i was scammed. its been 3 weeks and no kit, please help
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    FINA info

    Anybody use finafast.com for kits. i did and its been 3 weeks and still no kit. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    Dosing tren a

    what kind of dose should i take of tren a with the test. what size pin, ed or eod. TREN A 100 TEST E 250 33Yyrs 230lbs 13%bf second cycle
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    Tren info???

    Can tren a or e be taken alone on a cycle, how much and how often?
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    Is it ok to do cycle of tren a or e alone. How much and how often.
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    Is tren good for mass? Is there a good tren stack? there are a couole of guys at gym who swear by it (oral tren ) Im reserching tren and looking at alot of threads about tren. i would like to get opinions on good cycles with tren in them. can sus, tren be a good mass cycle, My first cycle was...
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    2nd cycle

    I was wondering what guys thought of suston, my first cycle was test c with front load of dbol, 250 test 2 times a week 12weeks 50mg dbol daily for 4 weeks. great results. PCT clomid bench went up from 225 to max at 335 2xs verything else also up. gained an 1" on arms want to do more loving...
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    Cycle advise

    Been running 500mg test c for 5 weeks now, ran generic dbol for three weeks, think the stuff was bunk. ordered new test e, deca and dbol from naps, still on origanal test c, started dbol again 40mg a day. i was told to run test for 8 weeks then deca for 8 weeks with the dbol for the first 4-6...
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    Naps rocks, 11 days and gear in hand. Naps g2g. :ohyeah:
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    How long is to long for gear, other places had it to me in 8 days, my order says it was shipped, no way to tell if it was shipped for sure, need my gear.:paddle:
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    Who has a good grade Dbol. (pharmacy) thanks
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    Test c

    anyone get gear from strg conn? is it real? got gear, into 4th week 500mg not getting much from it yet.