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  1. Merkaba

    Best Rice?

    I know nothing of rice but I like the gummier kinds, like I usually get at a japanese or hibachi restaurant. Sticky rice maybe? I think there are some other names for it. Oh, glutenous maybe? Anyways...does anyone know what kind of rice I'm talking about, where I can get it or something...
  2. Merkaba

    How's your deadlift bro?

    Just came across this vid...thought I'd post it cause I liked Roy...not Ron, Roy. haha. "Shake it off Roy!" Ron wouldve had the last one if he didn't deflate himself with all that yelling. But Who cares now huh?
  3. Merkaba

    Best Certification?

    Ok I know this topic has been covered ad nauseum. But I wanted an up to date and specific type of response. In my recent quest to try to "attract more flies with sugar rather than vinegar" ....I realized that I generally just shit on all certs. But hell I haven't taken all certs...but I just...
  4. Merkaba

    NO Explode 2.0 vs Jacked vs others...?

    Ok I know in general we're talking about most of the same stuff. I used to only do ABB products to keep me on the lower end of stimulants as far as I was concerned. Then I tried jacked and as much as I hate jumping on bandwagons I really liked it. A friend recommended NO Explode 2.0, that it...
  5. Merkaba

    Deadlift: 5 X Bodyweight

    I'm sure some of you have seen this. This is why I don't go around talking about how strong I am or how much I lift or do vids about my lifting. yBJVL-uPAXU
  6. Merkaba

    Hernia Tips/ weight belt?

    My friend ( that I just posted about in the anabolics thread, check my thread out in there if you're experienced in gear) said he has a hernia threat. His doctor noted a weak spot on his lower ab/groin area ( I guess, didn't really get into the exact location) He said it's not a hernia but it...
  7. Merkaba

    Help a friend real quick...

    A friend of mine is about 4 weeks into a new cycle. He doesn't really go too hard core from what I gather, and thus, he doesn't know a ton about it all. Spare me the usual replies, He's not a guy I would tell to not do gear "unless you do your research first." We're not that close but I told...
  8. Merkaba

    Lordosis in the Leg Press

    What's the word? I try to keep my back arched, chest up, and when doing these and seldom go super heavy like I used to do back in the day. I'm thinking of giving them a try here in a few. I'm carb depleting in preparation for Christmas! I've pulled an erector at least twice, if not three...
  9. Merkaba

    Best Ab, Core, SixPacker and Upper Body Exercise EVER!!!

    lol..."massive chest" gdhzhdnHpUs
  10. Merkaba

    Got Veiny Quads?

  11. Merkaba

    P90X-2 ...Please kill me now!

    And check out the "pushups" at the 5 second mark. Maybe planet x will be here before this stuff get's going full steam. God help us all. 8yv5eZBQENk
  12. Merkaba

    Herschel Walker...

    So I'm watching The Herd on EspnU. Herschel Walker said since he was about 18 or some young age, that he had eaten only one meal a day, all the way through pro ball, etc. He said on Game day in the NFL he didn't eat at all...before or after the game. And how in college his one meal was...
  13. Merkaba

    Ultra Wide Pushups for a Big CHest!

    This is why I started a website...To do battle against this kinda crap. Millions of views... 932urixMnJA
  14. Merkaba

    Who are our Anatomy Aficionados around here?

    I've started a website/blog, I will be doing interviews and I plan on offering a series of e-books sooner than later hopefully. My angle is pretty much waging war against the contemporary fitness industry nonsense. I want some of you guys who are either college students or have some type of...
  15. Merkaba

    Any fool can make another fool sweat...

    Ok who came up with this? I see Prince and others using it and I use it almost daily now. That or some version..."any fool can make another fool(fill in the blank) I'm going to be repeating it alot and I want to give proper credit. I think this is a very important concept for people to get...
  16. Merkaba

    Isolator Fitness

    Clicked on this link from the forum's ad so I won't bash it too much. I mean If I was at home maybe. But shit I have enough trouble with belts and gloves. I couldn't handle strappin up like I'm about to go sky diving. Theoretically i guess I could see some ROM advantages. What do you guys...
  17. Merkaba

    What BCAA's do you use?

    I had a friend give me some Rapid Drive PreWorkout Complex from GNC. Surprisingly the profile doesn't look too bad. What do you guys use? I prefer a powder/drink. The label is below: http://gnc.imageg.net/graphics/product_images/pGNC1-7125286_gnclabel_pdf.pdf
  18. Merkaba

    Zip Lock Zip and Steam Bags

    FYI ... If you haven't tried them you should. Perfect broccoli in 1 to 2 minutes in the microwave. Just add like a teaspoon of water. The only thing is you can only do 1 or two servings really at a time. Maybe they'll make a bigger one in the future. I wash mine out and reuse it until the bag...
  19. Merkaba

    Thanks Dymatize...I can power a sail boat

    Ok is it just me? I've never had a shake give me as much gas as this stuff. Great taste, chocolate...sits well...but 4 hours later I'm almost sharting in my pants. Farting so much I have to be careful. Geez... My first time with this stuff....
  20. Merkaba

    Fitness TV shows....I can't take it anymore

    I Watched a certain popular TV game/reality show about weight loss and I knew I was ready to post my "fed up " thread here...luckily a conversation on FaceBook (of course) let me pretty much say what I needed to say.... --------------------------------------------- ME- Wow. I'm watching a...