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  1. ufc69

    started my cycle today

    just pinned my first shot of test e an test prop, i know prop is saposed to hurt a fair bit, when can i expect it to start realy hurting? an when should it start working? thanks
  2. ufc69

    test cycle

    im gettin the rest of my gear on sunday so between me an my mate were've got 30ml test e @250mg/ml an 60ml of test prop @100mg/ml. i was thinkin running it like this. week 1-4 200mg test e divided in to 2 shots a week an 500mg test prop divided in to 4 shots a week. week 4-10 500mg test e...
  3. ufc69

    test e question

    i just got 30ml of test e but the guy that got it for me got it from his mate an it was in a bladder so he's givin me 10 x 3ml syringes when i start injecting it im only gona be doin 1ml at a time. he gave me a 20ml an a 10ml vial to put it in but they have been used an have tiny holes in the...
  4. ufc69

    anadrol vs dianabol

    im thinkin of starting a cycle soon i will be running test e for 10 weeks but want to chuck in an oral to kick start it, i was thinking d bol but now thinking anadrol. just want to know who has used both of these an what they prefurred an there pesonal opinon expecialy with anadrol? i will be...
  5. ufc69

    E-bol, T-bol

    has anyone tryed the thermolife e-bol, t-bol stack? If so is it any good? I had a guy telling me that a guy he works with is taking it an he's gaind like 13 pounds in a month an he looks good but i find it hard to belive???
  6. ufc69

    cycle advise enanthate

    this is my first cycle i've got 50ml of enanthate, im 20 years old 6foot tall just ova 190 pounds an about 12 percent body fat what doesages do u guys recommend over a 10 week cycle? At the moment i tryin to get some nolvadex an from what i've read the doesages for that is 40mg daily for...
  7. ufc69

    starting a cycle dianabol+deca 200

    im planing to start this cycle in just over a month, this is what i've got 2x 10ml vials of deca 200 - 250x 5mg dianabol tabs. im thinkin to strech it out over 7 weeks so this is what ive come up with. week.1 2ml deca200 week.2 3ml deca200 week.3 3ml deca200 week.4 3ml deca200 week.5 3ml...