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  1. trancebrah

    What is up with domestic orders?

    They seem to be taken off on every website. Any reason why?
  2. trancebrah

    Will running a 2 wk cycle of clen help aid in a faster release of THC from fat cells?

    Got a drug test coming up soon, pretty much out of the blue. I have probably 3 weeks to pass as a heavy smoker. I'm done with my bulking cycle so I'm thinking i might as well run some clen and get shredded. But more importantly, has anyone tried taking clen to pass a drug test? If so, how did it go?
  3. trancebrah

    Good results from Test E only cycle

    Sorry guys, no pics because I have a very noticeable birthmark and I don't really want people to find out about my steroid usage lol. Anyway, just a background, I started lifting 4 years ago, went from a little skinny 130lb kid to 160lb, this was all natural. I did a cycle of Test prop 3 years...
  4. trancebrah

    What are your favorite sites for PCT?

    Need to get my hands on some nolva/clomid. Preferably domestic. Might need some AI too. I didn't get gyno on my last cycle so I didn't bother buying it this time around, but nipples are getting so puffy.
  5. trancebrah

    Anyone have an extra bottle of Test E they don't need?

    Firstly, sorry if this is in the wrong place. If so, please feel free to delete it. Now, I want to run my cycle an extra month because I'm loving the results but I don't want to spend a minimum of $150 though at Uncle Z. I don't need that much, just a bottle. If anyone has an extra bottle that...
  6. trancebrah


    Thanks Uncle! Great customer service, fast response, VERY fast shipping... Uncle Z is a G!
  7. trancebrah

    Where to buy needles in US

    I apologize if this is in the wrong section, I'm looking for a reliable source for just needles. its the only thing left on my list. Can someone please direct me towards one? Thanks!!
  8. trancebrah

    Hi I'm new to Uncle Z

    I had a few questions which I would like to address through PM. could a board rep help me please!!
  9. trancebrah

    What should I do for a second cycle?

    I did test prop 150mg EOD for 10 weeks for my first cycle, I ended it mid-dec but got done with the cycle completely around mid-jan. I loved it. The feeling of self-satisfaction and nonchalant attitude I got with the test really was something else. I ended up gaining 20lb and I kept 15lb. I...
  10. trancebrah

    Finally felt my prop kick in today

    and oh man what a feeling it was. I had my favorite trance song blaring in my headphones, with all the outside sound blocked off from my existence. And the only thing I lived for was benching the next three sets. So I lay down on the bench and close my eyes, envisioning just me and the bar and...
  11. trancebrah

    Chinese run over little girl... bystanders dont care NSFW

    1K2z-5_X2Js skip to 1:06 This is disgusting and most people in that video deserve a slow and very painful death.
  12. trancebrah

    ibuprofen okay for soreness?

    Both ass cheeks are sore, left delt is sore and my right delt will probably end up being sore tomorrow because I gotta inject. is it okay to take ibu, tylenol, advil with a current cycle underway?
  13. trancebrah

    Does this gear look fake?

    I bought this off my cousins friend the summer of 2010. I was gonna do a cycle then but decided against it as I didn't feel ready so I put this stuff in my closet and forgot about it. Well cleaning out my closet today, I find this stuff and it looks weird. This is Test E, Clomid, and two HCG...
  14. trancebrah

    Anyone get amazing dreams on a cycle?

    I swear lately I've been having some of the most creative dreams ever and they're all amazing. i got laid by the hottest chick in one of them and a guy got shot in the same one lol, i had some of the best weed ever in another.. i was high in my dream, and one of the other dreams was all about...
  15. trancebrah

    How can you tell if a steroid starts working?

    It's been 10 days with my prop, i dont really feel any different in the gym besides saturday where my biceps got pretty huge, but how else can you tell that what you're using has kicked in and is working in full effect?
  16. trancebrah

    I have a bruise where i last injected

    the bruise starts from the mid-part of my delt and runs down 4-5 inches... do i have anything to worry about? it's been 2 days since the last injection and the pain has become weaker
  17. trancebrah

    When does prop pain go away

    At what week did you pin and not feel any pain after cuz my delts feel like they've been punched by mike tyson 1000 times :bash:
  18. trancebrah

    where can i get sterilized GSO

  19. trancebrah

    Really quick injection question

    When you insert the needle into whatever spot youre injecting and pull the plunger back to see if theres any blood, what do you do if you actually get blood? like once you pull out, can you inject the syringe with the blood back in? or do you have to get rid of it some how