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    Blast and Cruse

    I have been training the guy for about 6 months now. He been having lots of gains almost 35 lbs of lean muscle. To my surprise i found out one day that he have been taking steroids. he have been on what you guys call it here " blast and cruse" . he has been blasting with tren, dbol and test...
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    PCT after the age of 40

    hey bros, a buddy and i are debating about pct after the age of 40. i still run pct after every cycle and he does not. what are your thoughts?
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    Lost gains after cycle

    I just recently went on a 8 weeks cycle of: 100mg test prop ed 100mg tren A ed 150mg masteron eod 25mg aromasin ed 250ius every 4 days I was just trying lean down. Anyway I normally I do not weight myself, but this time I did. At the end cycle I weigh 224, now iam on my pct, I have lost 13lbs...
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    Gyno with Test P

    I been on 8 weeks cycle. plan to go 10 weeks. just recently my nipples are a little tender to the touch. should i just go a head and take some nolva? i read somewhere that you should not take nolva with tren. this is the first time i ran test p longer than 4 weeks. i never had any issues with...