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  1. vannesb


    Have been thinking about finishing up my cycle with primo and really dont have much experiense on dosage would not be using orals. Current cycle I am on is 16 weeks have been front loading the last 4 weeks will go to week 5 with test P 100mg EOD . I may extend cycle out as far as 18 weeks 5-9...
  2. vannesb

    Uncle z sale

    Hey folks- swing by and check out all items being placed on sale at UncleZ will not last forever!! HGH-Intl plus more so don't miss out !! Also-you will see some major changes in the store to enhance the shopping experience. Get the goodies while you can on the best HGH and quality AAS on the...
  3. vannesb

    Holy fuck

    Well first off I am back and feeling much better and thanks for everyones support!!! This is truly an amazing BOARD and have met some really stand up guys her and girls! HOLY FUCK, my sickness cost me 20lbs in weight lean muscle loss! 1-1/2 inches in my arms!! I AM PRETTY FUCKIN DEPRESSED...
  4. vannesb


    Just letting everyone know I am sick right now so if you pm me it might take a while to get back to you until I shake this bug! Not a good week for sure!!!!
  5. vannesb


    Just recieved a touchdown today and Z even thru in a few extra goodies!!!
  6. vannesb


    Just started using Mast into my cycle I am finishing up and was curious of any sides someone had experienced? Had some major dental work in the last 10 days and have had some high anxiety and did not know if it was the dental or maybe the mast?
  7. vannesb


    Woo Hoo!! Had a nice surprize today!!! HGH 300 IU!!!
  8. vannesb

    Uncle Z Performance

    I have read several post over the last few weeks of a few people who was not satisfied with service, quality, or how long it has taken to receive ordered which some of course are valid complaints. What i would like to point out Z has always worked at maintaining 100% satisfaction for all...
  9. vannesb


    Getting ready to start my 6 weeks of Z winny for the end of my cycle. Will be on 60mg ED any beifts to spliting dose other than blood levels?
  10. vannesb

    Test levels base line

    Looking for input after talking with my Doctor today after renewing my Test. The question I was asking was if you have 3 test subjects Test Subject 1 21 Yrs Old T levels 1000 for a base line Test Subject 2 30 Yrs old T levels 600 for a base line Test Subject 3 47 Yrs old T levels 275...
  11. vannesb

    What you do if you are having order issues

    Things you NEED to FOLLOW when having a problem with your order. All, Z and Ordawg has brought this tomy attention recently, and I have to agree with there comments. If you are having a problem, or a question regarding your order, Please DONOT Contact Z, Ordawg1, Vannesb, or Z Team Reps and...
  12. vannesb

    HGH for Women

    Thought I would make this post on benifits my wife has seen running HGH and is not using to gain muscle, but for ant age, general health benifts. She has been real pleaed with it and because of that I am stuck now keeping her supplied year around! THANKS Z for the added cost to me now!!! Wife...
  13. vannesb

    ???Uncle Z FREE Gear Testing Giveaway Winners???

    Winners for ???Uncle Z FREE Gear Testing Giveaway??? have finally been picked and Uncle Z has decided to Pick 3 winners instead of the original 2!!! WINNERS 1) Rage Race 2) Vicious13 3) Exphysiologist88 Please PM me with addy and if you want Test C or E. We will follow up with...
  14. vannesb

    Uncle Z Forum

    Just wanted to express my thoughts that is sure nice knowing we have such a great Z-forum here with positve feed back! Looking around IM there is so much shit talking that it is sad! I Think WE have a great Z Team and Z-Family!!! Thanks to everyone for there feedback good or bad, concerns...
  15. vannesb

    Uncle Z Temperoary Down

    Uncle Z store is down for a short period while we get caught up on all orders and reload for new orders. HGH is open and look for domestic to be back soon. If you are awaiting a pack please standby as we are getting all orders out and reships out as fast as possible. If you have questions...
  16. vannesb


    Just wondering does anyone have issues with heavy snoring while on cycle? My wife is going crazy and says it has to be the gear!! Have never heard that!
  17. vannesb

    HGH Blue Tops

    Just to clarify Oldschools post there was no recall on NEW HGH. talked to Oldschool on the phone and the way his post read it reads you would think there was an issue with a new batch. He re-tested Blue tops that were bad last year per OD for a second check. And yes they are still bad and was...
  18. vannesb

    All orders have arrived

    Another order arrived today!!!! they all made it thanks to Uncle Z and Team
  19. vannesb

    Vannesb bulk cycle log

    I would like to thank Uncle Z for providing me with the best quality products possible. THIS WILL BE A 20 WEEK CYCLE ALL UNCLE Z PRODUCTS!!! Starting Stats: Height: 5'9 ft Weight: 182 lbs Body Fat: 12-15% Chest-42" Arms- 15-1/2 Waste-36 measured at belly button quads-21-1/2 calves 14-1/4...
  20. vannesb

    New Touchdown

    Well recieved 2 packages this week!! Almost ready last package still in hold has been 5 days so hopefully clears soon!!! Have enough z gear to start 20 week cycle and once I see it is released will start since i have 10weeks worth and waiting for the rest!! THANKS Z as always