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  1. phosphor

    The crisis of capitalism - a love story for LAM

    While no system is perfect based on how people manipulate it for their own gains over time, this video shows the obvious flaws in our system that beg to be addressed. Since a few decades back, it has been a system of pass-the-buck patches in order to extend the deadline of a full collapse of our...
  2. phosphor

    Changing Education Paradigms

    This may change the way you think about the fundamental principles of education in our school systems. Well thought out and very informative. Give it a look: zDZFcDGpL4U
  3. phosphor

    Muscles are AWESOME!

    No, it's the title on Kotaku for the vid, not my adoration for other peoples muscles - unless it's the inner thighs of beautiful women. 6enp4Mo0xy4&feature
  4. phosphor

    Steep Snowmobile Ride Goes Terribly Wrong

    Just when you think it ends... It somehow gets worse. Video: Steep Snowmobile Ride Goes Terribly Wrong | Playbook
  5. phosphor

    PC vs. MAC People

  6. phosphor

    UFC 129 - St. Pierre vs. Shields April 30, 2011

    Matchups: UFC Welterweight Championship Georges St. Pierre (No. 1 WW, No. 1 PFP) vs. Jake Shields (No. 4 WW, No. 6 PFP) </B> UFC Featherweight Championship Jose Aldo (No. 1 FW, No. 3 PFP) vs. Mark Hominick Randy Couture vs. Lyoto Machida (No. 4 LHW) Benson Henderson vs. Mark Bocek Vladimir...
  7. phosphor

    ???Mayhem??? Miller Exits Strikeforce, Inks Multi-Fight UFC Deal

    The UFC has acquired the services of one of MMA???s most colorful personalities, popular middleweight veteran Jason ???Mayhem??? Miller. Miller???s manager, Dr. Ryan Parsons, broke word of the fighter???s new multi-fight contract with the UFC Friday on MMAFighting.com. Shortly thereafter...
  8. phosphor

    America's state of the union: Fatassedness

    Losing innovation, losing jobs, losing mindshare, economy in the crapper and we're a bunch of fat asses. Awesome. u1abjGnlfPM
  9. phosphor

    Injured calf - POP! - suggestions?

    Was pushing some heavy on the sled yesterday - felt great and was upping the weight. Full extention down and up / 6-10 reps depending on weight. On my 3rd set, 6th rep I heard a loud pop over my music in the earbuds - then a slight pain in the calf. Kinda odd, since I am not really straining my...
  10. phosphor

    To 'failure' question

    I have been out of the loop in working out for 4+ years. Getting back into things, I have ofcourse found my strength severly lacking -as expected. My main concern is when I am doing sets, I will lose all strength/energy to where I cannot really even struggle with that last rep - the energy is...
  11. phosphor

    Diet critiquing from the gurus

    I started the challenge and I am looking for open and honest advice to attain my goals. Goals? The normal bulking while leaning out towards the end. Like anyone 'bulking', I don't want to bulk out with a beer gut with the added muscle - but I don't want to starve my muscles from growing either...
  12. phosphor

    DBol powder to caps question

    I did tons of research before delving into making my own and mixed it with anositol powder (it's what I had laying around). First time taking my caps - and first time ever taking dbol actually. I was very careful in the whole process of the measurements and mixing the two compounds. I didn't...
  13. phosphor

    Melanotan II -> wife

    She is of German++ / Irish roots and def fair skin. When we first started dating, she was always tanned (from the beds) and when we got serious, I put a damper on her tanning aspirations. Years later I still hear grumblings about her pale skin, so I made a mention of Melanotan II and gave her a...
  14. phosphor

    Bald Eagles birth in the wild - LIVE!

    I have been watching this for over a week and we finally have the the first hatchling arrival overnight into today - Mommy brought home a rabbit to feed the youngling with the protective dad feeding. They generally take shifts throughout the day. Live cam: Nest Cams You tube vids of first...
  15. phosphor

    storage conditions

    Does anyone have a good website link that has information regarding storage of different items one uses when on/off cycle - aas, injectible vitamins, peptides, serms, etc. From what I have seen thusfar, it's all kind of scattered around. Any help would be mucho appreciated. :winkfinger:
  16. phosphor

    U.S. readies nukes against their own?

    One could only hope. m60f-ilEigs az4qASdPD4Y
  17. phosphor

    Android is like crack!

    Well, it is. Here's your proof. rTUwqxHpXMY&feature
  18. phosphor

    Ever fear a mysterious knock on the door?

    Just saying it, cause having any naughty stuff or waiting/recieving a shipment, all I can think of is this knocking on my door... It scares the shit out of me. Who do you imagine knocking on your door?
  19. phosphor

    Download movie torrents? Have a bigscreen TV? Read on...

    Do any of you download bittorrent movies and music? Do you have a bigscreen TV? How would you guys like to have a gorgeous TV experience like no other? One where the interface and ease of use and feature set blows pretty much everything out of the water. One that can hold as many movies and...
  20. phosphor

    Vitamin/supps suggestions for cycle

    My cycle: Test-e: 250mgx2 per week (500mg) 1 - 15 EQ: 250mgx2 per week (600mg) 1 - 14 DBol: 20mgx2 per day (50mg) 1 - 4 Anny: 25mgx3 per day (80mg) 14 - 18 HCG: during cycle PCT: Tamox, Clomi Nips: Aro I already have many vitamins (regulars, taurine, multi...