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  1. SloppyJ

    Westside vs The World

    Where did you get it from? Been trying to find it.
  2. SloppyJ

    Why use Test P instead of Test C or E?

    I like prop. Kicks in fast and seems cleaner to me. Also seems easier to PCT from.
  3. SloppyJ


    Just throwing this out there, but have you tired the buttsecks?
  4. SloppyJ


    If you run the EQ, run it long and hard. I did 18wks at 800mg-1g per week. Ate like a fucking horse and packed on some nice gains.
  5. SloppyJ

    Rogain and Gears

  6. SloppyJ


    Test/Tren/EQ was one of my favorite cycles I've done. Did tren ace the last 8 weeks.
  7. SloppyJ


    That's how I like to keep it. I've done crazy ones and for me, it's just not worth it.
  8. SloppyJ

    Rogain and Gears

    Worked great for my pubes....
  9. SloppyJ

    What PH are you stocking up on before the ban?

    Only if you post pictures of your lactating tits.
  10. SloppyJ

    What PH are you stocking up on before the ban?

    Thanks man. Everything I read said there was no grace period.
  11. SloppyJ

    What PH are you stocking up on before the ban?

    Wondering how these people are still selling these products since the bill has been signed. I'm not complaining, just trying to figure out what the loophole is. I stocked up on halo and epi-tren.
  12. SloppyJ


    I would most likely want to try your basics to see how they are. Something like test cyp, npp and tbol with some arimidex.
  13. SloppyJ


    I'd be interested in logging.
  14. SloppyJ

    My Amazing Transformation

    I'd let him suck my dick....
  15. SloppyJ

    What PH are you stocking up on before the ban?

    Just wondering what everyone is going after since this might be the last time to get some of your favorite prohormones. Waiting for the fire sales to start......
  16. SloppyJ

    A public apology to Prince

    Roid, you puss!
  17. SloppyJ

    Whos going to church today?

    Get your grammar game up.
  18. SloppyJ

    I clipped a carport pole.............

    At least in some states you don't have to get your car fixed with the monies.