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  1. chucky1


  2. chucky1

    anybody else get a friend request from Uncle Z yesterday

    WTF I guess they have cell phones in prison...:thinking:
  3. chucky1

    Is this guy on drugs

  4. chucky1

    BBserviceshop.com is being worked on so...

    Order through email because we are having issues with the website. email bbsyn@safe-mail.net. Ask them for a list of our local DVD's, or PM me for one. SPL is by far the best iv used and Im sure you will feel the same way, remember they are 20ml jug's for a killer price. Happy growing brothers!
  5. chucky1

    BBSS website issues

    All orders are being taken through email,the website is having cart issues. Email Bbsyn@safe-mail.net To place your order
  6. chucky1

    gear porn

    my SPL gear from BBserviceshop 20ml jugs love this stuff, Im becoming a monster, just started the mast and that my second bottle of test E
  7. chucky1

    think some one got busted but cant read it

    packs look familiar is it true??? Przechywycili anaboliki za sze
  8. chucky1

    Set my buddy up with his first cycle, but I'm kinda concerned :(

    Hes 30 years old around 218lbs 5'10'' 15%bf a big guy already been training natty for years and knows how to eat. So he was ready to take the plunge and I helped him out, 500mg Test E ew for ten weeks and clomid and aromasin for pct, so I went over every thing to the T and showed him how to pin...
  9. chucky1

    little help

    Whats the correct dosing for prami ew with the least sides? Im running npp in my blast and I think its time to throw some in
  10. chucky1

    Is it ok to run aas and antibiotics together?

    I got in infection on my foot and need antibiotics but Im on a blast right now and Im not sure if this will mess things up. Discuss :coffee:
  11. chucky1

    This is pretty cool

  12. chucky1

    any one ever get glass shards in amp after braking it open

    I always wounder about this, today I went to pop the top and the f*cking thing crushed in between my fingers, glass splinters and oil all over lol but the bottom didnt crush so I drew it up and pinned it. Would you guys pin it or toss it? can the shards get small enough to draw up and not be...
  13. chucky1

    Fake and Real Norma Test E amps

    I found this and thought this might be helpful to people not sure if they got burned, Im running these now and mine look like the real deal except for the bottom of the amp is not totally flat :hmmm: Here are some pictures of Norma Testosterone Enanthate amps, comparing the a fake amp (on the...
  14. chucky1

    Is it ok to...

    Pin 2mls of a tren/prop/mast mix in one muscle (quad) and then load up 2mls of test and pin another muscle (glut) 3 minutes later? Just wondering if theres any issues with this, which I doubt there is, but just to be sure, thanks.
  15. chucky1

    first shot of prop/tren/mast

    I got a woozzy feeling and some chemical taste in my mouth for like ten min's, any one else experience this? I'm not worried about it just wondering. Oh Its on now :D ya buddy......
  16. chucky1

    big ol fuck'n snake

  17. chucky1

    Motivation thread

    Anyone feeling lazy and need some motivation, lets see some hard to find vids, chicks, pics, quotes ect. I know Jthom will be all over this.
  18. chucky1

    Come help out

    All you brothers hear should head over to the Uncle z section and vote for who you think should win the head to head challenge, lots of pic's(please pick me thanks) :D j/k, Its me, Heavyiron, vannesb, Jthom, and bigbenJ, ya we all know heavy looks the best and has drastic changes and worked his...
  19. chucky1

    Muscle phama

    Dose anyone have any reviews on this lab? came from EK
  20. chucky1

    Go check out the new IM contest