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  1. hypo_glycemic

    Does Mast P give anybody the night sweats??

    I've been getting horrible night sweats like I'm on tren or tren e. ? I've been off tren ace for 3 weeks, certainly it's fallen off by now..right?:hmmm:
  2. hypo_glycemic

    Marijuana and Bodybuilding

    Marijuana and Bodybuilding - Bodybuilding is my Lifestyle :joint:
  3. hypo_glycemic

    Has anybody ever torn their triceps brachii??

    If so, please discuss rehab, surgery, or home care/rehab? I just put a small tear in my left a week ago and looking for input--- in addendum to what the sports surgeon and I will discuss.. thanks in advance .. :coffee:
  4. hypo_glycemic

    Men's Physique ???

  5. hypo_glycemic

    hypo's Halo Extreme Diet and Training Log!!

    Thanks to heavy for picking me to run Halo Extreme and give honest feedback before my blast in October! Age -43 Years Training-25 years -plus! Current AAS- TRT at 350mg's of Cyp a week, Halo Extreme 2 caps a day. Goal- Qualify for the Masters Nationals 2013 Training- 6:00 AM- Fasted Cardio...
  6. hypo_glycemic

    hypo_glycemic's BLR Prolactone Log

    I received my prolactrone from BLR. Big thanks to BLR for allowing me to test and give feedback on this product:winkfinger: STATS... Age- 43 Height -6 ft Current Weight- 277 (off season) Cycles- Many Current AAS- (starting on the 26th)-- Prop, Tren Ace, HGH, Anadrol Dosing- 100 mg Tren...
  7. hypo_glycemic

    Has anybody tried the P28 Protein Bread????????

    I haven't heard any reviews. Says 28 grams per serving??
  8. hypo_glycemic

    Gold's Gym Venice Beach

    Google Inc purchased the long standing "Mecca" of bodybuilding Gold's Gym Venice Beach which is slated to close 2014. Google In, Gold’s Gym Out? | Yo! Venice!
  9. hypo_glycemic

    R.I.P Imran Khawar NPC Bodybuilder and Friend

    Lost a good long time friend and bodybuilder, Imran Khawar. Imran was prepping for a up coming show and thought he had a case of food poisoning and a day later he passed . R.I.P brother!! You will be missed .. For those of you prepping for shows, you don't need to cut extreme corners to get dry...
  10. hypo_glycemic

    What was Fouad Abiad thinking??

    All those contest and you didn't know there was another round? :winkfinger:
  11. hypo_glycemic


    After all the speculation about the Cypress sting...Is there anybody that's even safe right now? I'm new to the board and wanted to say Happy New Year to all- and If this isn't the right time to ask questions, please delete or give me a heads up! I have a show in Cali in May and due to a move to...