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  1. Pony

    Info on MK-677 + GW-501516 for a woman

    Hey guys Im trying to find posts on this combo but am coming up dry. Does anyone have any info they can share?
  2. Pony

    Pony's High Volume 5 Day Split

    So after my summer of working Im back at it. Here's me: Height: 5' 9" Weight: 170 BF%: 19% Ill throw my macros up next week, diet needs to get dialed in here. My goals are to be fit, muscular, and generally gorgeous. I have Juggernaut hooking me up with all my plans and motivation. It's...
  3. Pony

    MK-2866 or OSTA rx?

    I see these 2 being compared around the web, any thoughts?
  4. Pony

    The Pony Journal

    Starting a clean journal to share with the public. I love all the feedback I get when you guys weigh in on things, and it motivates me to push harder for you guys - I would love to have that with my real life friends as well. My current workouts consist of Insanity/P90X mixed up on a 12 day...
  5. Pony

    Milk is MMMGross

    Milk is disgusting! Im looking for comparisons of the different types of milk online (ie rice, almond, soy, etc..) and I came across this gem, so I figured I'd share. Enjoy! The Truth About Milk If you are still consuming cow's milk, or worse yet, feeding cow's milk to your children, please...
  6. Pony

    Looking good naked via pain, sweat, tears, and deprivation.

    Im inspired by the honesty of late night Beachbody.com infomercials that sell incredibly hard workouts without making it appear easy. I had a half-assed journal on here trying to document my cycle of HGH, but that was a fail. So let me sum this all up real quickly: Im running 4 ius a day split...
  7. Pony

    Stallone at 62!

    Im in the middle of a Sly, Arnold, Van Dammmmmmmmmm youtube tear. 62 years old!! I think him and Robert Downey Junior look a lot alike in this vid.... can you say GH?? pl3BekaKNCY
  8. Pony


    HEy guys, Im looking for ideas on how to incorporate the Insanity workout into a gym routine. Im just starting the last month of Insanity and really enjoy this. I heard Fusion is a mix of both Insanity and P90X, but is it gym friendly? Anyone here whos been through any of these programs and...
  9. Pony

    Little Update on my progress

    Hey guys, just stepped off the scale and Ive lost 10 lbs since Ive started the blue tops. :ohyeah: My regiment is 5 days a week, 4 ius a day split between morning and afternoon, and I split my 2 days off. So now Ive seen the scale move, but I took my measurements and my BF% is practically the...
  10. Pony

    t3 or clen?

    ive just started a cycle of HGH, and I was thinking of adding clenbuterol or t3 into the mix but i dont know which is better for me. I wanna cut up like christ (sorry if that offends), without losing a lot of muscle. Whats more popular for women? (if thats a factor) And if you dont mind...
  11. Pony

    Ultimate excitement!!

    Status just changed to shipped!! Feeling ultimate excitement!! Sorry, couldn't contain it guys. Just wanted to share, thanks. :)
  12. Pony


    Im trying to place an order and register but it keeps saying the order form isnt complete when it is...
  13. Pony

    HGH in the Riviera Maya?

    Im looking to book a week vacation in Mexico halfway through my HGH cycle, should I skip the week or book for something after the cycle?
  14. Pony

    Pony's HGH journal

    So I guess theres not a lot of women doing HGH cycles. At least they're not writing about it if they are. Im going to document my 6 month cycle in hopes that it will educate us all a little further on HGH cycles in women. So here goes, basically today Ive started my injections. My plan is to...
  15. Pony

    Sugar shots!

    Ive been seeing a sports doctor recently for my shoulder. He says I have super scapula (???) neurosis (ive definitely messed up this diagnosis), anyways the nerve in my shoulder is getting pinched from the surrounding muscle and my whole arm winds up going dead. Well it did. Since my job is...
  16. Pony

    Yoga anyone?

    I just started going to vinyasa classes, and I think its amazing. I really see my body responding to it too. Anyone else incorporate yoga into their routine?
  17. Pony

    hGH Peptide fragment 176-191

    Seems like a load of bullshit, but I was just wondering if anyone has ever taken this specific form? Also Im taking Thermogenic Push and Force Factor - can I continue this on a HGH cycle?
  18. Pony

    the pony journal

    I hope I can keep up with posting this! Ok I'm trying to lose bodyfat and build muscle - simple. I'm currently at 193 and a size 14 won't stay up, but I'm not a 12 yet. My frame is pretty big for a girl, I think a size 10 would be perfect but for now id really like to get over this hump. My...
  19. Pony

    Abdominal Cuts & HGH

    I take a supplement called Thermogenic Push and Abdominal Cuts by Revolution or Corr Jensen Labs. Anyways I searched and havent seen anyone reference that line of products in particular and I was wondering if anyones ever tried it. Personally Ive been very pleased with this stuff. Im going to...