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    Where are you all?

    Damn Joe, you look fantastic. 57 or not, you should be proud of what you accomplished!!!!
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    First time for 40 year old

    1. Run your PCT for at least 4 weeks 2. Get your hands on some HCG and run it starting in week 2 at 250iu's twice per week. Stop the week you start PCT 3. Your diet sucks bro. 3 protein shakes and a protein bar is not what you need. You need to be taking in at minimum 320g of protein per day...
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    WELL THAT JUST SUCKS!!!!!:sorry:
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    The Proper Cycle

    I'm not a fan of dbol because of the water retention and I become very aggressive and moody on it. I like to kickstart my Test E/C cycles with Test Prop for 4 weeks instead, what I'm planning to do for my next cycle. Feel it within 7-10 days, keeps the water out as long as I'm eating clean and...
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    Green Dot payment??

    Greendot has a $500 max limit, so if your buying more than that you need multiple cards. It is pretty much as easy as OldSchoolLifter pointed out and for every card its only $4.95 charge as opposed to the BS amounts for WU.
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    The Proper Cycle

    That may very well be true, but your assuming everyone's body and chemistry is the same and this shit isn't candy off the shelf. What if you start shooting yourself up with 3 or 4 compounds and have a reaction and cant figure out which is the cause? Then you have to stop everything and try one...
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    Prep for NPC EASTERN USA Nov. 16 2013

    I agree 100% that he needs to really cut the shakes down to maybe a "postworkout" shake per day and get the bulk of his nutrition from foods. But his numbers are pretty in line, not sure why your saying his macro's dont add up??? 275 x 4 = 1100 250 x 4 = 1000 100 x 9 = 900 Total calories =...
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    Prep for NPC EASTERN USA Nov. 16 2013

    Bro, I competed in the NPC Long Island Championship show for bodybuilding and placed as well. I had a friend who competed in Class B who did not podium and he looked fantastic. He was told that his posing was not fluid and his stance was not dead on with his arms and hand placement. Looking...
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    PCT Trouble

    Not going to post sponsor names, not looking to bash anyone. But I recently completed a cycle of Prop/Tren and started my PCT just about 4 weeks ago. I was planning to cruise at first for a few weeks in order to jump back on after 12 weeks to run a cycle to get ready for a show in Nov but...
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    Looking for some advice

    First thing I thought of was Prop/Mast/Tren for your goals but Agentyes is right, its a big step up and mixing in 2 more compounds you have never used before, with one being Tren, is not recommended. Consider Prop/NPP as an option.
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    Tren side affects....

    When the doctor is a friend and has advised you on your cycle its cool!! Same Dr. I use and every few months when I get my blood work done he and I discuss what I'm running and he makes recommendations.
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    Tren side affects....

    Jintani rep, if its the same one from a few months ago, is a complete DOUCHEBAG!!! I gave him, and their customer service months to resolve my problems and they acted like they didn't care. I kept quiet for a few months on the forums and warned him that I would post and he didn't care. But...
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    Tren side affects....

    I threw out the TrenA and TrenE that I bought from them as well as the Prop. I did order oral Winny and that stuff was great. But I have heard a lot of bad things about Jintani oils being fake or really under dosed.
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    Tren side affects....

    I placed a larger order with Jintani labs a few month along with a buddy. I had major issues with most of the oils I purchased and ended up throwing them all out. He on the other hand just started the Cut Mix (Tren/Mast/Prop @ 50mg each) and started pinning EOD about 2 weeks ago. He has never...
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    Dorian Yates- Steroids Setting the Record Straight article about steroid use

    I think it is very easy for a guy like Dorian to list a very moderate cycle years after he left competition and say this is what he was running. I agree that if you have top notch gear a little goes a long way, but I've watched video of this guy doing incline BB presses for reps with 405 like...
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    Struck a Nerve!

    That was a blood vessel and not a nerve. Do you aspirate once you have stick in the pin and before you push in the oil?
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    What do you think of this cycle?

    In my opinion you really need to run Tren A ED, but a minimum EOD. Two shots per week is not going to give you even levels and I think 200mg per week is very low. Same goes for the Mast. I have never run Var to this point, but always heard and read that you really need to take at least 50mg...
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    Looking to do the right thing for members, but sponsor rep keeps deleting my posts!!!

    So even over the last few months of monitoring the Jintani forum I have heard many state they felt their oils were bunk or under-dosed but that the orals all seemed good. At this point I am throwing away 4 x TrenA, 3 x TrenE, 5 x Prop, 5 x Cyp. My buddy has been running Prop/NPP for a few...
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    Looking to do the right thing for members, but sponsor rep keeps deleting my posts!!!

    I hear ya bro, but the good thing is that the TrenA was part of the original delivery and there was no issues at that time. The Tren E was what I had issues with and that is what just recently arrived and what you said has entered into my mind. :-)
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    Looking to do the right thing for members, but sponsor rep keeps deleting my posts!!!

    So a week later and here is my update. So as I mentioned a week ago I was running a mix of my BD Tren with the Jintani Tren just to finish it off and then running just the Jintani Tren going forward with my Prop. I am also running Jintani Winny at 50mg ED. So after a week I have thrown it...