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  1. ambiti

    Any suggestions/thought on this information?

    This is the link; Testosterone Enanthate information, including cycles and fake / legit pictures Do you think this info is exaggerated? ------- Quoting------ (Check the site if you can be bothered) Testosterone is a very powerful steroid with pronounced effects. Testosterone has a high habit...
  2. ambiti

    Arimidex Dosage on my First Cycle

    So, I managed to get a hold of Arimidex. (1mg - 28 tablets per pack) I have searched the forum and other forums (all give different dosages plus the cycles they are running are way more complex than mine), I just find this forum more reliable and better so your input and feedback is really...
  3. ambiti


    Ok, I found out that there is no Aromasin in this country I am in unless your female and getting treated for cancer in hospital or u bring your stuff with you from a different country with you self. First, I would like to ask what would happen if I run a cycle with out Aromasin? Because all...
  4. ambiti

    1st Cycle - Updated

    Quick Facts about my self; -25years old, Male -180lbs (92kg to be specific) -6 foot tall (1.84m to be specific) -Working out for 5 years -14 to 16 % BF -Never done a cycle before Ok, I made my own spreadsheet for my cycle, Once everything is finalized (after my research is done and all the...
  5. ambiti

    Aromasin, Hcg and Clomid

    Some people in this forum do not speak English as their 1st language; I have been reading a lot (mainly websites and everything I read says different things) I decided to join this forum to speak with people who are experienced and knowledgeable so that I can minimize the risks and chance of...
  6. ambiti

    1st Cycle

    Hi everyone, I will be running my first cycle, let me first give you some information about me, I would really appreciate your feedback. Been working out for 5 years - I would say I know how to train very well. (always room to learn more though) My trainer wants me to go on a cycle, and I...