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  1. hypo_glycemic

    HELP! 2nd Week cycle Test C 2ml, left quad is red,swollen and it hurts and its hard

    OP.. That happened to me not that long ago.... It hurts like hell, I know.! It's oil on the surface between the fascial tissue...It takes a few days to clear... if it gets hot then get on antibiotics. I've always been against pinning my quad.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. hypo_glycemic

    Wanting to add hcg to my trt

    I do 500 twice a week. that's on the high end using it on trt. My endo started me at 250 twice a week but found--with me--1000 is the best.
  3. hypo_glycemic

    PCT help plz

    Formeron-- 2 pumps a day or whatever amount will not drop your e2 levels too low! It has a test base. Hydroxytest which is a dry test has proven to raise free t and total t ng/dl
  4. hypo_glycemic

    Wanting to add hcg to my trt

    I use 1000 a week of HCG. Some need less because it's suppressive, but don't use more than 500/ 1000iu
  5. hypo_glycemic

    Follow me.....

    Subb'd :coffee:
  6. hypo_glycemic

    Formeron...? Anyone here still use it?

    I use adex but post cycle or when my estro is high, formeron works best for me. absorption rate is low but it does absorb a lot better than most all topicals--and has a dry test in it. hydroxytest
  7. hypo_glycemic

    Formeron...? Anyone here still use it?

    Formeron is the best AI/SI on the market
  8. hypo_glycemic

    IronMag Reasearch Chem Tadalifil log

    I'm going to give my hamster a run on this. My research liquids have been sub par as of late:coffee:
  9. hypo_glycemic

    I'm looking at gaining some muscle. How do I do that?

    Eating pretty clean at the moment. My routine is change things up with drops and giant sets w/some FST style training-- fascia stretch reps. It all depends on how many calories I have consumed?
  10. hypo_glycemic

    MMA Fighter WarMachine is being hunted by law enforcement for beating his girlfriend

    Her camp has now hired "Dog The Bounty Hunter" to help find him if he doesn't turn himself in by 7:00 PM PST. I hope he brings Leland:coffee:
  11. hypo_glycemic

    Labs for Crimson!

    Female panels cap at 1500 ng/dl--unless they break the sample down multiple times to get the total t past the cap. meaning your full reading ng/dl
  12. hypo_glycemic

    I really don't like assholes

  13. hypo_glycemic

    Swiper inspired cycle?

    :lol: :gay:
  14. hypo_glycemic

    Life after bodybuilding....

  15. hypo_glycemic

    AMA Lean Mix Profile

    That's a good combo.. get dry and hard as rocks!
  16. hypo_glycemic

    blood labs came back, OH SHIT

    Exma is an AI/SI...Question is what's your protocol using it and where you're getting it from?
  17. hypo_glycemic

    Got a question regarding pot use in bodybuilding.

    I know a lot of NPC competitors who use it for a number of reasons. Appetite,sleep,pain, gym focus,and overall to relax the body. THC spits estrogen making the muscle look a little soft at times but really not a problem for most. I coach some competitors who will use it all the way up until...
  18. hypo_glycemic

    I'm looking at gaining some muscle. How do I do that?

    Tissue proteins versus fillers and non organic proteins have different amino profiles thus secreting into the blood stream--they are both different in many ways. :coffee:
  19. hypo_glycemic

    I'm looking at gaining some muscle. How do I do that?

    Azza, aren't you shooting errrr squirting blanks by all the bunk placebos you trannies take in Australia? idk?:thinking: