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  1. fraseram


    I know that this is already everywhere but I've read such conflicting info WHAT really is the scoop? Ive heard everything from every fourth week to once every three months to when I feel like it to deloads are for pussies LOL AHHHHHHHH do you schedule or go with flow ..... I know to listen to...
  2. fraseram

    amino fast charge

    I do this after my morn cardio... any thoughts?
  3. fraseram

    four or five day split?

    what are thoughts on what would be better???? both splits hit one part per week........ cant decide
  4. fraseram

    four days a week

    I am thinking I would like to train weights four days a week any advice would be welcome .... I am looking to lean down and cut (this is an old pic and I have put on ten lbs I am looking to lose ) I ate like a horse cut cardio and packed it on based on peoples ideas and thought hey what the...
  5. fraseram

    new diet

    So... My doc had me on these new juiced veggie smoothies for optimal absorption of my food. I see a surgeon for my many gut probs and to avoid removing a piece of my colon this is what he recommended. They taste good and all is well i feel much better on them belly wise ect here are my nre...
  6. fraseram

    new start!!

    Hey guys I know this kind of thing gets posted a lot but my brain is fried and I'm just looking for something new to just go and follow rather than trying to design something. I ve gone through a bit a rough time emotionally and due to this took some time to R and R and just yoga and meditate to...
  7. fraseram


    I personally love my legs ... I do squats , deads (alt straight and bent) calf raise and hip thrusts or leg curls I feel good, challenged and charged for the rest of my workout I read though that women are not 'supposed' to do deadlifts???? STUPID hey??? why should we not train like a man if...
  8. fraseram


    I'm wanting to say hi and intro myself I'm a 32 year old woman with a three year old girl. I LOVE training and LOVE my yoga :) I do my 90 min hot yoga class every day in conjunction with athletics. I HIIT three morns fasted and weights three days with one day of those being tabatas intense but...
  9. fraseram

    tabata WOW

    did a wicked tabata workout the other day and got my a** handed to me LOL NICE did a 40 min work out of tabata complexes any one have any experience in this or routines/exercises to recommend
  10. fraseram

    advice on routine :)

    OK here goes... I've been doing a lot research lately on HIIT IT and LISS weight training and schedules. I am a well trained athlete with a VO2 MAX of 48 and a resting rate of 50. I've been training for years and have always worked hard. here is my routine to date and looking for input...