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  1. butterfly

    Special HELLO to my bud BURNER!!!

    I feel really bad :( for not saying hi to you an that other thread So this one is especially for you B :wave: :kiss: ;)
  2. butterfly

    Gym Calls Police On Weightlifter Who 'Grunted'

    Gym Calls Police On Weightlifter Who 'Grunted' Man Made Noise While Lifting 500 Pounds POSTED: 6:48 am CST November 3, 2006 ALBANY, N.Y. -- You could forgive a guy for grunting while lifting 500 pounds -- unless you're the owners of a place called Planet Fitness. It turns out that grunting...
  3. butterfly

    Need a HEADS UP please!

    Is it just me or did some of you change your screen names since last I stopped by???
  4. butterfly

    Results of PSP World Cup 2005

    IM's own FADE played in Paintball Sports Promotions (PSP) World Cup 2005 this past October in Orlando, FL. Where TEAM ZONE beat out over 140 teams from around the world to take 2nd Place in the division III 5-man!!! :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: Here's a pic...
  5. butterfly

    Took 2yrs, 9mos but...

    I've finally reached my 12,000 post :bow: :clapping:
  6. butterfly

    Paintball World Cup 2005 - Results

    IM's own FADE played in Paintball Sports Promotions (PSP) World Cup 2005 this past week in Orlando, FL. Where TEAM ZONE beat out over 140 teams from around the world to take 2nd Place in the division III 5-man!!! Read more at http://www.pspevents.com/ Will post pics when they become available!
  7. butterfly

    Any IM'ers live in/near Greenbelt, MD???

    I'm going to Goddard Space Flight Center on business and was just wondering if there were any IM'ers in the area???
  8. butterfly

    Anyone Going to the O this year???

    A couple of years ago a bunch of us IM'ers met up at the Mr Olympia contest in Vegas... anyone planning on going this year???
  9. butterfly

    Who were you in your last life?

    Find out! http://www.thebigview.com/pastlife/ Thought this was a little something fun to do this morning. Here's what mine said... Your past life diagnosis: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I don't know how you feel about it, but you were...
  10. butterfly

    Found son taking Anadrol! Any advice?

    I swear, kids now days really do think they are invincible! :yell: He is 17 yrs old. Would appreciate any words of wisdom for when I confront him tonight.
  11. butterfly

    Jenna Jameson autobiography LOCKED-AWAY at public library

    Mayor puts lock on racy book Patrons must ask to view or check out item at public libraries By RON NISSIMOV Copyright 2005 Houston Chronicle http://www.chron.com/cs/CDA/ssistory.mpl/metropolitan/3011307 Porn queen Jenna Jameson calls her autobiography a "cautionary tale," and Mayor Bill White...
  12. butterfly

    Personalized Beauty Makeover from Mars!

    Personalized Beauty Makeover from Mars! Just about everybody has seen the pictures of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn sent back to Earth by NASA spacecraft. The pictures are transmitted as millions of data bits. Computer software developed by NASA puts the bits together into color pictures. This...
  13. butterfly

    Please take a moment to Remember

    Jan. 27 has been selected as a Day of Remembrance for the lost crewmembers of Apollo I, Challenger, Columbia and other lost members of our extended NASA family. At 10 a.m. Bells will toll three times [at NASA centers] in tribute to the NASA crews, after a short moment of reflection, the...
  14. butterfly

    NASA Technologies Spin Off Into Sports

    This release is from last year, but aside from the location of the Superbowl, it's still relevant. NASA Technologies Spin Off Into Sports NASA???s Office of Technology Transfer and Commercialization licenses dozens of space-age technologies to the private sector for the creation of products...
  15. butterfly

    Amercian Idol 4

    Anyone else besdies me excited about the season starting tonight??? The first few episodes are usually the best 'cause its when they show all the people who think they can sing and don't understand why they get escorted off the premises :thumb:
  16. butterfly

    LOST fans enter here

    I'm referring to fans of the new TV show called LOST. Anyone else watch it and like it???
  17. butterfly

    Fade eats paint, again!

    Yes, thats right, this insane mofo won another paintball eating contest and won this... http://www.ironmagazineforums.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=18702
  18. butterfly

    Anyone heard of Satise???

    I heard about satise on the radio the other morning. Its a potatoe extract thats supposed to help you feel full so you don't eat as much at mealtimes. I was curious what you guys thought about it? http://www.satise.com/
  19. butterfly

    Another reason to keep NASA around...

    "...I'm also proud to report to you that NASA is putting our technology to work in support of federal tsunami recovery and relief efforts. Using satellites and instruments from our Earth Observing System, we are producing data to assist in the ongoing humanitarian efforts. For example, NASA...
  20. butterfly

    Synephrine, anyone hear of this???

    This product does NOT contain Ephedra but does contain a revolutionary new ingredient that has the same fat burning effects as Ephedrine. Through extensive scientific research, MaxOut Body has found a new herbal ingredient that has the same fat burning effects as Ephedra. Introducing...