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    AW test/deca/eq & RS adex/prami bloodwork

    Been on cycle for 10 weeks and decided to go in for some blood work. Planning on making bloods a regular thing. Did not follow any protocols. Test-e 750mg/wk Deca 300mg/wk Eq 500mg/wk Adex-.5mg/eod Prami-.1-.2/ed Also on 20mg Isotretinoin daily Running IML advanced cycle support (if either...
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    finally, thanks iron mag labs

    Been holding off for the coupon code and it finally hit my email. Picking up two 5lb bags of isolate, one of each. At the coupon price it makes this one of the best prices for an isolate anywhere. Lactose free, can't wait.
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    Let's talk NBA trade deadline

    Who do you have staying put and getting traded? Dwight, Pau, Celtics big 4? Lets chat.
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    Vitamins all at once or split up

    Just wondering if it really matters when vitamin, minerals, and others are taken. I'll give my current setup a run through: 1 x multi 5 x fish oil, 3+ grams of the good stuff 2 x glucosamine and chron(1500mg and 1200mg) 2 x vit c(2g total) EC stack(25mg ephedrine 200mg caffeine) A few other...
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    Gyno, help me.

    Okay my right pec is ball park 25% larger than my left. This wasnt always the case but I noticed it today when shaving. Gave me a wtf. I am using caber e3d (.5mg) and formeron(2 pumps every night). My on cycle is roughly 85-90mg ed of prop and 55-60 tren ed(except sunday). Looking for...
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    Kirlkland Fish Oil

    Just wondering if anyone else uses this. Been using it for the last year or so as its the cheapest at the potency. Normally 15.99 but right now(i think till the 22nd of feb) they have a 3.00 instant coupon at costco. This is a 36 day supply for me. I take 5 a day and im over 3g of the good...
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    Ronnie Coleman / Jay Cutler

    These are some goofy mofo's.
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    cycle questions

    Rule of thumb is to wait your cycle time off plus pct before starting another cycle. Now for the people that get blood tests does this still apply or can you start back up when levels return to normal?
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    "Sloppy" Seconds

    Second cycle and I can't thank Sloppy and more for the help. This is what Ill be doing. When I pick up the DMZ ill pick up some cycle support too. Gotta keep that liver functioning. Your thoughts?
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    Second cycle, is this too much?

    Ending my first cycle of test only. Wasnt impressed. Im sure it had to do with it being test only. Is this too much? Get out your red pen and let me know what you have in mind(add, delete, modify). 5'9" 225lbs Looking to add some serious mass. Decided I wasnt ready for tren based on the...
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    MMA Knockouts

    Ive only gotten to the 5th one, but that caught me by surprise. The 25 Nastiest Knockouts in MMA History | Bleacher Report
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    SI.com LLOD(lovely ladies of the day)

    This was today's Daphne Joy Im sure Madmann will chime in and get mad that a female's cleavage is showing. We'll start a thread full of cocks tomorrow just for him.
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    Antibiotics and cycle question

    Im on my last two pins(one this morning, one more monday) and came down with some bad sinus issue. Went to the doctors and he said it was a form of strep throat. Gave me AZITHROMYCIN to clear it up but I thought I would ask the obvious. Are there any issues with my last pins of only...
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    NutraBio Protein review

    I found this protein and thought I would give it a shot. Im lactose intolerant that is the first and foremost thing I look for in a protein. What made me try the 2lb bottle out for the crazy price was the fact that they have 50lb deals. The savings are almost half, so its worth a 2lb...
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    finishing things up, first cycle

    Been running 500 test e per week for the last 11 Weeks. Wondering on thought of upping to 750 for maybe two Weeks (our until I run out) or just finish up with the 500 (until I run out). I have roughly 3/4 of a vial left maybe a tad less.
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    Who is this??

    Bottom line, I cant come into IM without clicking 15+ pics on the top. this one caught my eye and Id like to find out who it is so I can have some late night fapping sessions to her
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    Suprfast's "Its what's for dinner"

    I have a BBQ thread but I dont want to put anything in there but real Que. So Ill make a dinner thread. I love cooking, love taking pictures of dinner. Sure some of these are real basic meals but man, they sure sounded good at the time. Tonights dinner one potato wedged, coated in olive...
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    Suprfast Z log

    Running into issues with my old thread not allowing me to find it, so ill just continue it all in a new thread. Almost two weeks off. I love the holidays, but they screw with me big time on my timing. Kids have vacations, work, my school, family stuff. No more excuses. Two weeks managed...
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    out of town question

    Going out of town for turkey day and I'll miss a pin. I can hit it when I get back on Friday, most likely late in evening. Will this cause any issues? Test-e only cycle. Monday /Thursday is normal split. Happy turkey day all
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    Whey protein breakdown for Lactose Intolerants

    Does anyone know if the body will digest the protein differently for a person that is LI. Obviously the sugars dont break down and we get bubble butts but what about the nutritional portion? I was planning on taking a different members advice and buying a costco size pack of lactase...