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  2. fraseram

    Are U facing the Same Problem

    good solid advice for all here ...... it all stuff thats known but easily forgotten as we get carried away in the moment lol reminders for me are crucial
  3. fraseram

    Help for Skinny-Fat

    what I find concerning about this thread here is that NO ONE has commented on the statement of throwing up food!!! like it a normal thing to purge after a meal?...... if you need help there is lots of support and when you go to measures that extreme to control you body thats a huge red flag of...
  4. fraseram

    Deadlift decreasing?

    yup pretty much when ever something goes down be it pump or energy or mental willingness whatever you are working yourself too hard
  5. fraseram

    squatting with plates under heels

    could be a hip flexibility issue as well...
  6. fraseram

    Does running burn muscle study discussion

    second that for me :)I feel that, for me, very intense and short HIIT involving sprinting,walking,sprinting,walking etc. can actually build muscle and increase power a bit.
  7. fraseram

    pre vs post exhaustion

    use your power and save it for the heavy lift then end with the burn :) that way you wont be using up your energy to burn and will be able to get more from heavy lifts
  8. fraseram


    when on vacation I will give myself a LITTLE leeway but gen still treat life as normal yes we only have one life and should enjoy it ..... but I find when I am eating junk not exercising and drinking too much I dont enjoy my time bc I feel like SHIT
  9. fraseram

    Who inspired u to want to b a freak

    I was inspired to lift by those who made fun of me in highschool It was a means of escape and power
  10. fraseram

    Best cardio exercise for calves?

    skipping... my 2 cents I am ALWAYS killed the next day on my calves
  11. fraseram

    colon thing need to be all cleaned out bf they go in and look around

    colon thing need to be all cleaned out bf they go in and look around
  12. fraseram

    Hey Looking for procedure on mon and need fast for two day ugh need support around this ;)

    Hey Looking for procedure on mon and need fast for two day ugh need support around this ;)
  13. fraseram

    Puking after Leg Workout!

    I know step!...... I was just being silly personally I think ANY THING that any person does in terms of moving and bettering themselves is awesome!!!! you guys should know me better than to think that Im THAT much of a B lol (ok maybe sometimes) wink
  14. fraseram

    Puking after Leg Workout!

    to me if you puke after a work out it not a sign of being king its a sign that your an undertrained pussy that could not handle a simple fucking workout!!! 150 bpm for 30 mins???? WTF is that!! nothing
  15. fraseram


    love tabata !!!!! but pick four complex moves to hit it with for a total workout about 30 mins to get true results you will not see anything by working out 10 mins no matter what you are doing though ANYTHING is better than nothing and when in time crunch ........ ps Its SUPPOSED to hurt lol...
  16. fraseram

    8 Reasons your weight training results suck

    it was a very cute read and good reminder ..... esp the split and rest parts I KNOW this but can sucked in to overtraining bc I love it so much
  17. fraseram

    Sleep and the shape of ur back...?

    thats too cute!!! It may depending on position though effect your flexibility or create a slight 'strong side'
  18. fraseram


    burpiees and wind spints (wind sprint = get in plank with flat side up on bosu and bring alternating legs to chest as fast as you can)
  19. fraseram


    I know that this is already everywhere but I've read such conflicting info WHAT really is the scoop? Ive heard everything from every fourth week to once every three months to when I feel like it to deloads are for pussies LOL AHHHHHHHH do you schedule or go with flow ..... I know to listen to...
  20. fraseram

    Help with my wife's routing

    yes men or women compounds and the basic are the best keep it a full body three a week with squats deads bench military press pulldowns abs and calfs intervals on bike either after or on alternating days