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  1. lnvanry

    Funny Picture Thread

  2. lnvanry

    Pirating Music

    true story :thinking:
  3. lnvanry

    FBI Says Billions in Financial Crime Restitution

    good....keep it up and start taxing drug suppliers while you're at it
  4. lnvanry

    So how long till the US and Iran start world war 3?

    The C802 isn't exactly a high tech weapon...its sub sonic non maneuvering threat with the radar cross section of a barn door. Look at the countries that use it: PRC, Iran, Paki, Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Algeria...hardly sophisticated Navies. While the Kilo is a formidable threat, pls...
  5. lnvanry

    Barely Legal....

    must find!!!!!!!!!!!! :mooh:
  6. lnvanry

    I like them Busty

    God Bless this thread
  7. lnvanry

    Navy Names Ship for Gabrielle Giffords

    Comparing a DDG to an LCS?....really? I do agree they are a little under armed (but its mission specific)...an 8 cell MK56 VLS in the bow would be a nice addition
  8. lnvanry

    ***BJ thread***

    Just got back from Pattaya Beach less than 24hrs ago
  9. lnvanry

    "All American Muslims" Caught Smuggling Weed Into The United States

    sounds like they are acting like normal american teens to me
  10. lnvanry

    Yeah buddy!

    I hope his parents aren't feeding the kid something he should be ingesting as a child...didn't that other child bodybuilder's father get accused of slipping oral gears in the kids meals?
  11. lnvanry

    New Jobs Report Tops N.H. Campaigning

    its good news but only b/c things have been so dismal the past 2 years....10% to 8.5% unemployment (officially, but we all know its much worse) over a 2 year period is snail like improvement. Its like saying some fat ass finally just lost 2 lbs while dieting over 9months. yes, its better than...
  12. lnvanry

    So how did 2011 treat you?

    its the judges decision...and in most states, the wife will get the house b/c she gets the kids...unless you can prove that she is an unfit parent, in which case you get to work and take care of them while she gets some type of settlement ($ size relative) to live off of for a short while...
  13. lnvanry

    Arizona keeps it coming

    The other route is to simply not give amnesty...then no illegal immigrants will be voting; therefore, the chance of a non english speaker winning any election is very very low. I'm just not a fan of forced English by legislation or legal mandate. Its already forced socially really...unless you...
  14. lnvanry

    Super teen Bronwyn is Britain's strongest schoolgirl

    agreed, but she is still sporting classic British teeth
  15. lnvanry

    I like them Busty

  16. lnvanry

    Black church rightful owner of KKK store

    Clayton Bixby just had a heart attack
  17. lnvanry

    Romney, Perry slap at Paul on Iran

    eh, its not that simple...while I agree its a bigger problem for countries in the middle east than north america, it would have implications on the US and increase national security risk. Paki made the bomb...then sold it to NK who fires test shots in the direction of JPN (prolly a top 3 or 4...
  18. lnvanry

    What are your bodybuilding goals for 2012?

    my job, new kids and my laziness have destroyed my health...I went from a 165-180 with 6-9% BF year round from 2005-2010. In 1.5 years, I now weight 202 with prolly 25% BF now...its freaking terrible. All the fat is stomach and back fat smothering my organs. My resolution is get back to...
  19. lnvanry

    Moonlight Sonata - 3rd Movement for electric guitar

    BTW, does anyone know why I can't embed a YT vid?...you just click the red "tube" button and paste the link, right?...and it always comes up as some jumbled grey box with no video :hmmm:
  20. lnvanry

    Moonlight Sonata - 3rd Movement for electric guitar

    Wilhelm Kempff plays Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata mvt. 3 - YouTube Wilhelm Kempff plays Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata mvt. 3 - YouTube Call me nostalgic but that guitar solo doesn't really do the original any justice