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  1. Hench

    2 Year Transformation

    Sup kniggs! Been a while since Ive been posting regularly round here, life and work have been consuming most of my time for the past year or so. Have started my own company within the health and fitness industry and have been throughly enjoying getting a new business off the ground as well as...
  2. Hench

    US Open Stream

    You guys got any good links to stream the golf?
  3. Hench

    Calling all butt-hurt types.......

    I know how upset some of you girls get when people starting fucking with your rep points. Therefore, in light of the fucking awesome news I got today, Im handing out FREE reps to anyone who posts in this thread. Happy Xmas knobends. :coffee:
  4. Hench

    Peptide Supply???

    First off, I know it's bad form to post about non-board sponsors. However none of the sponsors carry the product I need, where as these guys do. So, with that being said, anybody have feedback on peptidesupply.com? Reps for helpful posts. :winkfinger:
  5. Hench

    Hench's Follistatin Log

    Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen! This will be a log of my 10 day Follistatin cycle. Currently there is minimal real world experience of this product, so I'm hoping this, along with GMO's log, will help to shed some light on exactly what can be expected from this compound. My Follistatin is from...
  6. Hench

    Peptide Gold!

    I've been looking everywhere for something like this. Everything you need to know about IGF-1lr3, courtsey of Juiced Porkchop over at Steroidology: IGF stands for insulin-like growth factor. Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) is a polypeptide protein hormone similar in molecular structure...
  7. Hench

    Something special? Or more well marketed sh*t?

    For those more versed in the relevant issues than myself, please have a read and let us know what you think: T NATION | Indigo-3G Repartitions Nutrients into Muscle Instead of Fat I trust Tib, I use his protocols and I get good results. He says this stuff is the shit, they're will obviously...
  8. Hench

    Letro Benefits

    Found this article on ergo-log: Letrozole, the new anti-estrogenic T booster It's pretty short so you can read the whole thing in a couple of minutes. For the lazy among us, it concludes that 'natural' males should take a weekly dose of 2.5mg of letro to significantly boost T production...
  9. Hench

    Nolva: effect on IGF-1 and issues with 19-nor's

    Can i first point out that we must be very careful with links like this and peoples opinions based on peer reviewed studies because they can not only be interpreted the wrong way they can also make giant leaps that that are totally unfounded. Lets take your link as an example. It says "Another...
  10. Hench

    Reconstituting and Measuring Peptides

    Found this on another board and thought I'd post it up here for everyone to have a look. Origionally posted by: hazcat Reconstituting and Measuring Peptides by Access Seems this question comes up a lot and have also received PM's on it so might be worth laying it out in one post as below...
  11. Hench

    Out of date Supps???

    I've got a tub of creatine that expired 01/2010. It has been stored in a cool dry place (stuffed at the back of a cupboard, hence why it's now out of date) but there were some signs that it had absorbed a bit of moisture. Do I chuck it? Also some arsehole on Google said that when creatine...
  12. Hench

    Political News

    Hey guys, how y'all been. Having posted here in a while but still keeping busy with training and lots of uni work. Just wondering if anyone could help me out, my girlfriend is writing an essay about the relationship between the media and the american political parties. Shes just having trouble...
  13. Hench

    Women better than men?

    BBC NEWS | Health | Women 'fight off disease better' Came across this, thought id post it up here for you guys to have a look.
  14. Hench

    Curry Hell

    Rupali Restaurant Im going to eat this shit tonight, whats wrong with me?? Go to youtube and type in curry hell, some pretty funny vids.
  15. Hench


    La Roux â?????? Listen free and discover music at Last.fm Have listen, sends shivers down my spine. Unreal.
  16. Hench


    Simple question, how long do eggs keep once they have been hardboiled? 2-3 days? Thanks.
  17. Hench


    NO, im not going to use it.(yet) However, I have been offered a bottle by a friend at the gym. Is it worth purchasing for future use(as it is now banned)? What sort of shelf life does will this product have? I still have a lot to learn about PH/AAS, so I thought it best to ask here as well as...
  18. Hench

    Cutting water weight before holiday

    need help guys from anyone who has done a show before, or has cut their water weight for a specific date. i am pretty clear on how to cut my water weight, however i also know that you should reintroduce water to your body slowly, in order to avoid bloating. my question is this, on sunday 29th...
  19. Hench

    Craving Problems

    Started my cutting diet last week. it has been going very well so far and i am pleased with the results ive seen, however my cravings for carbs get out of control after 10pm. im eating carbs mainly twice a day, complex with breakfast and simple after training, with only a few carbs in the meals...
  20. Hench

    Fuel Prices

    saw on the news last night that fuel prices topped $4/gallon in some parts of the states, thought i might put a bit of perspective into the situation. The cheapest i can get petrol anywhere costs 118.9pence per litre, that roughly equals $10.66/gallon hope this makes you feel slightly better:)