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  1. thebutcher

    9 weeks on EQ and my appetite is hit n miss

    27 - 6' - 220 started cycle 9 weeks ago 750 mgs cyp 600 mgs eq / week. Broken down to 2 pins weekly. Anyways ive been having some sweet steady gains in size and strength but my appetite just isnt up to par! i eat at Ieast 5 up to 7 times a day. Although im eating as much i feel as if im forcing...
  2. thebutcher

    Needing info on HCG

    I've recently started cycling again and would like go incorporate the use of HCG on this one. I've watched a few vids on YouTube and am wondering if they're able to be trusted as they were videos shot starring some elderly women and I think an Asian. .. Nonetheless I'm unsure how to decipher the...
  3. thebutcher

    in need of some help!!! high calorie QUICK AND EASY MEALS!!

    I need some input on some quick and easy meals here fellas!! I recently started a new job where I work outside in 100 + degree heat somedays and sweat like a mofo! I eat every 2 to 2.5 no more than 3 hours apart. My snacks have included a SHIT TON of peanut butter and whole wheat bread. Although...
  4. thebutcher

    Has anybody read the book Anabolics by William Llewllyn?

    i purchased a book online an ebook to be exact for kindle and its titled Anabolics. I havent finished it yet as its got about 12,000 pages.. (e book). This book is basically a bible for anaboiics. history and uses and brands and side effects. I mean it goes through EVERYTHING! As stated earlier...
  5. thebutcher

    Gearing up! .. Need a bit of insight on my next stack

    I'm currently off and "PCT'n" right now. In about 12 weeks from my next cycle. My stats are.. 26, 213(as of now, but I'm sure I'll be around 207ish by the time I'm ready) 6'1. I've only ever stacked sust / deca/ dbol. I was last running 635mgsust and 400mg deca e4d. My next stack however I plan...
  6. thebutcher

    Iron Guru- do or no do???

    Ive recently been reading up on the late great Vince Gironda. If your familiar with this guy then you know his training was very contraversial and ahead of his time. what i want to know is ... has anyone applied his training methods into their workouts? I am still on cycle and have only lifted...
  7. thebutcher

    PCT check!! Need pro help!

    I'll be starting my pct sooner than later. I need to get this in check first, I'll have 100 clomid, 50 mg per tab and 50 Aromasin 10 mg per tab along with 5000 iu HCG. I know I'll need 100mg clomid, 2 tabs/day, but how many mg's of Aromasin do I need daily? And how much HCG per day in ml? The...
  8. thebutcher

    Arm BLASTING!!

    I'm open for new excersices! Always looking for new input that's note worthy!! Heres my arm workout for today Barbell curls (heavy) 2 sets 4-6 rep (135lb+) Reverse grip E-Z bar curl 2 sets (heavy) 4-6 rep (125lb+) Incline curl DB 2 sets (moderate) 8-12 rep (25lb+) Triceps- Close grip bench 2...
  9. thebutcher

    Stubborn calves!!!

    My training is consistent, I train calves at least twice a week. Usually once w/ 2 days in between for rest. .. I'll hit up to 9 sets with up to 15 to 20 reps with moderate weight.. ( 200 to 350 on leg press machine, 155 to 200 barbell press) With heavy ill hit super heavy(400 + on leg press 225...
  10. thebutcher

    Help with a stack

    Im currently running a bulking stack, sust/deca .. I'm womdering if introducing eq would be that much more effective and or wise. Thanks
  11. thebutcher

    New member.. Need some info..

    Hello.. As stated above I am a new member.. I need help on a stack.. Sorry to be vague, I'm just a little weary about posting things like this. Let me know if you (anyone) can help. I'll be more than willing to be more specific from then on