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  1. TGB1987

    Enhanced Athlete MENT, any good?

    I have used it . I have talked with Tony about it on the phone actually. I was giving him my experiences with it. I posted a video on Youtube as well. Going into detail about our thoughts. Very strong stuff. Nothing to mess around with. Just be prepared and start slow to see how you do...
  2. TGB1987

    MK-677 (SOMATOZINE) Now In Stock!

    I know I love MK-677 and this product looks like it is above and beyond other similar products on the market. I will be giving this a shot very soon .
  3. TGB1987


    Yeah I really like Trest. I have tried both the injectable, oral, and Transdermal. We actually did a video on it as well. Here is a link . One thing you have to do is control estradiol if not your sides will get out of control as far as prolactin and estrogen are concerned. This stuff is...
  4. TGB1987

    Does my urin look too dark? (Oral tren)

    I would drop the methyltren brother. Better safe than Sorry . TUDCA works great but MethylTren is whole other animal. Also you may end up having issues with Prolactin running that methylTren with Deca . Are you taking any thing for prolactin?
  5. TGB1987

    How to open an ampule

    I like using a bic pen cap after I wipe it with a alcohol swab and then place the cap over the top. Break it off. Never had one break using a cap like that. Thanks for sharing Rob. It is nice to see the official way of doing it.
  6. TGB1987

    post cycle with proviron?

    Blergs is right here. I am personally a fan of Proviron on cycle but never off cycle. Proviron is suppressive. I would recommend doing Clomid , Exemestane, and cialis. There are also over the counter boosters you can use after your PCT to keep your natural Test going in the right direction...
  7. TGB1987

    WP is gone ??

    When was the last time anyone heard from him?
  8. TGB1987

    RBC's & hct

    ^ Be very careful taking the iron. It can cause you to get too much and aggravate the problem. Most men run a little high on iron naturally due to the types of diet we follow (more red meat than women) but like you said if you are donating frequently you may require some iron. Carverelli...
  9. TGB1987

    RBC's & hct

    stillatit. Your levels are at the high end of normal but nothing terrible. How much blood are you donating each time? I have the same problem and I typically run a little higher than you. Hydration plays a huge role for myself. I usually donate 2-3 times a year when running cycles but as...
  10. TGB1987

    ~~~AY Test E Discontinued~~~

    Any update?
  11. TGB1987

    Need help with weight loss supplements

    The fat burners that I have gotten great feedback from are metabolic nutrition synedrex (if you like heavy stims this is the one) , iron forged nutrition synthermo (milder stim great feel good energy and dosed at 1-3 caps a day allowing u to really dial it in) this is my favorite personally...
  12. TGB1987

    Formeron...? Anyone here still use it?

    Transdermals can be inconsistent as heavy said and also risk of transfer is there even if it is a low risk for most. The inconsistency of research chems is the reason I switched to formeron. At the time they were horrible in my opinion and experiences. IronMag research is the only one I would...
  13. TGB1987

    Formeron...? Anyone here still use it?

    I do. I think he is no longer a sponsor here though. It is a great product. There have been some knock offs coming out recently. I am not sure if they are as good but I know formeron is still the real deal. I have been using it in place of exemestane since day one. Sent from my iPhone using...
  14. TGB1987

    Deca and Npp in same cycle?

    Why are you running all the different esters? No need to run all the short esters. Dose the longer esters higher and pin less.
  15. TGB1987

    Accidental Test Cyp Npp blend....need suggestions.

    even 250cyp/75NPP every 3 days
  16. TGB1987

    Accidental Test Cyp Npp blend....need suggestions.

    I would probably do 200CYP /100 NPP Run this every 2-3 days. If you go too high it may fall out and have a hell of a bite.
  17. TGB1987

    What is your favorite strain of MJ?

    My favorite strain at the moment is Strawberry Diesel. Give this one a shake. I like it as my all around strain. It won't knock you out, not overly powerful, you can function well but it will relax you. You can go to sleep if you want to but it won't force you to. Congrats on the legal weed...
  18. TGB1987

    Dymatize Iso-100 Birthday Cake Flavor!?

    I love this stuff. Got to give it a try. I have been using it for a little while. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk www.tgbsupplements.com
  19. TGB1987

    blasting and cruising and no gains

    Op you need more calories. It doesn't matter if you take tons of gear if you don't have the calories to support growth. For bulking I would suggest at least 17-25 cal per lb of body weight. Also you need to get bloods done if you are running a blast and cruise at your age. You may think you...
  20. TGB1987

    Dbol, any effect on collagen synthesis/ joint health?

    The added estrogen could lead to more fluid in the joints which would be a benefit Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk www.tgbsupplements.com