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  1. TGB1987

    Black Lion Research Formeron while using 200mg/wk of AP Test Cyp

    Ok guys here is the blood work I got on the Black Lion Research Formeron. I have been on AP Testosterone Cyp at 200mg/wk for 5 weeks and have been using Formeron at 1 full pump per day ( about 1ml). Prior to the 5 weeks I was on a cycle of 500mg/wk of Test and was using the Formeron at the...
  2. TGB1987

    What time of day do you usually do your injections?

    What is your normal time of day to do your injections? I usually do mine about mid morning, around 12-3 p.m. then workout out a few hours after. I have been thinking about doing them before I go to sleep in the evening. Anyone do their injections in the late evening? If so How do you like it?
  3. TGB1987

    What Pro Bodybuilders endure.

    What it takes to be a new Pro Bodybuilder. Check out this article I found interesting. This site has a lot of info and seems to have a lot of info from Ronny Tober. Ronny Tober wrote the book Underground Anabolics with William Llewellyn. Here is a link to the article. I was unable to copy...
  4. TGB1987

    IronMagLabs Whey Protein Isolate

    I just wanted to post up a thread about the IronMagLabs Whey Isolate because I finally tried it after all this time. I have used just about everyother product and I finally got around to trying the Whey iso. I picked up the French Vanilla and I am telling you this is by far the best tasting...
  5. TGB1987

    What's your favorite Motivational Video?

    Bodybuilding is a Pain - YouTube I liked this one. The song is Three days Grace - Pain I know this isn't AAS related but the athletes pictured are Most certainly chemically enhanced lol .
  6. TGB1987

    The Iron Lost another brother today

    A very good friend of mine and a brother of the iron pasted away today at age 35. Not sure if AAS were involved in the cause or not but he had a lung infection and had to have surgery. When it was over he never came out of it. He was the biggest guy at my gym and had the biggest heart out of...
  7. TGB1987

    Searching for 27G 3/4 -1in needles? Anyone

    Looking for 27G 5/8-1 in needles or even a 25G 3/4. Been using 25G 5/8 for quads but would like to go slightly deeper for bigger volume injects. I guess I may have to use a 25G 1 in. Any info on where to find these sizes would be appreciated.
  8. TGB1987

    Arnold Era Then Versus Now: Anabolics & Adjuncts Article from MD

    I found this article while reading on the musculardevelopment website. I thought it was interesting and the members here would enjoy reading it. I am a fan of articles that talk about the old days and compare with today. So I hope you guys Enjoy! Testosterone By Dan Gwartney, MD Arnold...
  9. TGB1987

    Ever have Heart Palpitations or Fluttery feeling while on cycle?

    How many of you guys have had a fluttery feeling in your heart or palpitations while on cycle? Sometimes I will be just doing everyday shit and all of a sudden my heart will beat out of rthymn. Freaks me out sometimes. I will get paranoid from time to time and think man maybe I need to slow...
  10. TGB1987

    Dorian Yates- Steroids Setting the Record Straight article about steroid use

    Well I am not sure if any of you guys were able to read the new Muscular Development magazine for Oct. 2011 yet but there was a great article in there that I wanted to post a thread about. Dorian Yates writes a section in the magazine called Blood & Guts and this month the article was called...
  11. TGB1987

    Setting up my upcoming Cruise

    Well Guys I just got in my supplements for my next cruise. I will be usings Some Asia Pharma Test Cyp vials and Enanthate amps that I have stocked and now I just got in the finishing touch Primobolan. I have some AP Primobolan and Bayer Schering Primo. The thread Heavy made a two months or so...
  12. TGB1987

    Sterilization techniques for AAS

    Heat sterilization is the simpliest way to sterilize injectable AAS. The typical way to do so is to place the AAS vial in the oven for 30 min at 250 degree F. Leave a needle sticking through the rubber stopper to equilize pressure inside the vial, or it may break. This should kill most bacteria...
  13. TGB1987

    IRONMAGAZINE members recieve big Discount from WP!!

    World-Pharma.org Discount Codes for IronMag Members: All orders over $500 with code IRONMAG30 receive 30% off 30% Off for $500.00 orders :ohyeah: IRONMAG30 Check out the savings WP offers to all the IronMag members. If you use this code with some of the deals WP offers like the buy two...
  14. TGB1987

    Best Legal PCT Supp to use for current legal PH cycles .........?

    Formadrol Extreme- Lg Sciences Recycle by Purus Econtrol by IronMagLabs Advanced PCT- Anabolic Xtreme Any others please list your favorites. Also what do you like to run with yoru PCT for example Viridex XT by Gaspari Meth X by Dymatize Natadrol by Lg Sciences DAA by Performance Edge or...
  15. TGB1987

    ALR product reviews

    Well Guys ALR Industries came through with some products for me to try out. Today I tried out the Chain'd Reaction. I mixed one scoop of this with 14 oz. or water before training. The flavor tasted great. Watermelon flavor. It was a little sweet but was refreshing. When I got to the gym I mixed...
  16. TGB1987

    AP products!

    Here are some pics of the products I will be using in the near future.
  17. TGB1987

    More info on the Philly Bust and sciroxx

    Apr 28, 2011 A couple of Philadelphia Police officers, a police detective and a dozen others have been arrested by the DEA on steroid distribution charges. Early word seems to indicate that the steroids they???d been dealing were Sciroxx brand, as they???d been distributing Testodex, Trenadex...
  18. TGB1987

    Euroking Contest last month winnings

    I won euroking's contest last month and recieved my winnings two days ago. I picked 5 2ML vials of Gen-Shi NPP and 90 Gen-Shi Turinabol. I will be using these to kickstart my cycle of AP test cyp and British Dragon Deca. I will be posting results. Here is the Pic.
  19. TGB1987

    There have been many questions about aromasin,here are some answers.

    Aromasin - Exemestane Chemical Name: Exemestane Drug Class: Type-I Aromatase Inhibitor The below article about Aromasin-Exemestane discusses how it works and gives a history of the drug. You can find articles about all of the steroids and other drugs listed on our site, including arimidex...
  20. TGB1987

    World Pharma

    Placed order with WP. He delivers on time again, very fast. Everything looks great I can't wait to start. This will be my first time using AP so I can't wait to see how it works for me. I have only ever heard good things about AP. Also this is my first time using injectable winny so it should be...