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  1. Ph0sPh0r


  2. phosphor

    How does your girl handle advances?

    Sorry, we pay the bills, we attain all rights of access. This may whet your whistle though. H.O.T.
  3. phosphor

    Who wants one of these?

    I know some may really need a GF - maybe I need one on the side. My ball n. chain would take offense though. Who doesn't need an rc helicopter that can drop roofies in unsuspecting hot mommas drinks? They would hear this buzzing sound and look up and you can sneak some upskirt pics. They look...
  4. phosphor


    Also, I hereby make all deathrow inmates to serve as medical experiments and amusement for the new Coliseum O' Death. Out of 64 contestants, they fight to the death for the top spot - a suite in the middle of the desert for their remaining days. This would save oodles in tax payers dollars and...
  5. phosphor

    How does your girl handle advances?

    Knowing everyone in the bar and putting the arsehole in a coma usually works. On the blue moon occasion my wife and I go out, she brings me the drinks that they buy while the guy is watching. I'll raise my glass and give them a big thumbs up while I grab my wife's ass for good measure. Dumb...
  6. phosphor


    gotcha backs swole and pit. repped
  7. phosphor


    You have come close to letting loose my nerd on you. Don't confuse your opinion for facts and certainly don't top your cake of bullshit with moronic nibblets of turd... wtf PC are your comparing your rocketship to? You grandmas' PC? What a laugh. Apple is a good product but eveything has it's...
  8. phosphor

    Random hot chick

    Just cuz.
  9. phosphor

    Song im gonna do cardio to later....

    SFW, I found the 'artist' for that tune you like so much: Now, you can print this off and put it all over the ceiling above your bed. Your welcome. (BTW, I am trying my best to get all jacked and tan - hopefully I will be nearer to you sooner rather than later. Till then, I am still a...
  10. phosphor

    Song im gonna do cardio to later....

    wow. that song is really, really bad - the depths of which cannot be found without a submarine. SFW, if you like it, thats fine - as long as you wear headphones. Godamn... I am typing this out while it's still playing and it just keeps getting worse!!
  11. phosphor

    Sarah Palin has the ???fire in my belly??? for prez run

    Sofar, I like what I see in Herman Cain - sounds like Samual L. Jackson and knows his shit (from what I see thusfar). Do a search on him, you will find he has promise. I wouldn't mind some black on black violence for the whitehouse.
  12. phosphor

    Potentially the thread of the year!!

    Well fuck shit, I will have to wait until I get home to give some professional opinion - got this pesky nazi filter here at work.
  13. phosphor

    Sarah Palin has the ???fire in my belly??? for prez run

    There is only one way to put out a fire in a womans belly... The husband must not be doing his job - one of us may have to take a planetrip to Alaska to save us from her getting on the ticket and giving the big O the election.
  14. phosphor

    Dealing with banned members/account recreators: What's your opinion?

    ^^^^ this It would shut down shit stain and his ilk and he would quickly move onto another site to troll on. Change the policy then ban hammer his new account - he'll be completely pissed that there is no anything goes access. I am sick of this hands-off approach. I see it as complete...
  15. phosphor

    So the end of the world is tomorrow

    Ummmm... WE'RE NOT DEAD? It was supposed to happen already, unless God is on Cali time - there's too many homos out that way, so I doubt it. We live again for the next armegeddon prediction! Fuck Ya!
  16. phosphor

    Random hot chick

    Just do as your name implies - there will be no further issue.
  17. phosphor

    Don't Be An Asterisk

    It entirely depends on how far you go with them - yes, there are inhuman-like monsters out there, then there are guys that still have a good look to them and are happy where they are at. Same goes with natural BB's - they just have to take longer to get there. It has always been recommended by...
  18. phosphor

    Stephen Hawking: There is no heaven; it's a fairy story

    I thought the discussion was about Hawkings comments on religion? Ahh well, it's still good regardless. I waste hours reading this shit while at 'work' - it passes the time on slow days.
  19. phosphor

    ROFL @ Premeditated Mockery

    WRONG. Bubba found them tattooed around his butthole before making him squeal like a little piggy.
  20. phosphor

    Wet Panties

    Another interesting thread turned to shit. What a fuckin clown.