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  1. dvlmn666

    American Idol

    I highly doubt he could spot tallent. On Howard Stern they had the guy from Nickleback sing that Hero song from Spiderman. And Simon bashed the hell out of him when that song had already sold millions and was on the top of the charts. He may be able to spot pop talent, but 90% of those bands...
  2. dvlmn666

    GeT FiT

    oh man, that sucks I'm so sorry to hear about your Aunt, but at least she's not in pain anymore. glad to see you have a good weekend with your hubby, you don't get long weekends together very often. :thumb:
  3. dvlmn666

    IM Online Competion - Dvlmn666

    This morning was my first morning back. And i'm more focused finally. Turns out when I don't hit the gym consistently my back problems come back, so it's time to get serious again. :) and today's the first of 2 no carb days. hiya Stacey, glad to hear you had a great trip. :thumb: you still...
  4. dvlmn666

    New journal -- last time!!

    w/b, happy thanksgiving :)
  5. dvlmn666

    GeT FiT

    Hi there, sounds like your trip was awesome :)
  6. dvlmn666

    Guggulbolic Extreme

    Well after reading about all it's good effects I mainly decided to give it a try for it's properties to maintain healthy skin. I have psoriosis and it's been getting worse lately so thought this would possibly help. Well after about 3 weeks it has helped quite a bit, it's almost gone again. :)...
  7. dvlmn666

    New Plan/Nikegurl's CKD

    wohooo, we'll be watching you. :thumb: glad to see your enthusiasm is back, I've been slacking/lacking on that lately as well.
  8. dvlmn666

    1-test, Paradeca and EQ by VPX

    How's it compare in price. I'm looking to try something new. :)
  9. dvlmn666

    GeT FiT

    I bet they are now that they aren't making you sick. :p
  10. dvlmn666

    IM Online Competion - Dvlmn666

    that'll be after you get back from your trip. :)
  11. dvlmn666

    GeT FiT

    soooo how's the eating now that your feeling better?
  12. dvlmn666

    IM Online Competion - Dvlmn666

    haahh, that's because I've become a slacker, but after mom and dad leave next week it's time to get serious. I've just had a hard time being motivated enough to get up early and hit the gym. Your doing awesome though :thumb:
  13. dvlmn666

    Nikegurl's IM COMP. Journal

    That or take a single handle with underhand grip. Those burn. :)
  14. dvlmn666

    IM Online Competion - Dvlmn666

    Thanks, and yep that's me. :) it was yesterday Lina, that's ok stacey I forgive you. :)
  15. dvlmn666

    Happy Birthday Dvlmn!!

    thanks I'm trying, get to leave work early and then going to dinner. It should be fun. thanks. :)
  16. dvlmn666

    Hey Dvlmn666, Craig777, Crono...................

    Thanks DG, gonna leave early today. :D
  17. dvlmn666

    GeT FiT

    looks great, and sounds like it tastes great to. lmao
  18. dvlmn666

    GeT FiT

    hey what day is today? NO, Low or HI heehehe gotta keep you on your toes. ;)
  19. dvlmn666

    California wild fires

    I'm here, last year this time I was in a few of the towns that are gone now. That's kinda freaky. But yes I'm back in San Jose, just don't have as much time to do anything til I get settled into my new job. Thanks for the concern guys.
  20. dvlmn666

    IM Online Competion - Dvlmn666

    Thanks, I try to. But been tough with all the work lately, this week haven't been home a single evening was here at work til 4:00 last night so she's kinda pissed at me right now. Thanks, I don't think so but I really apreciate the compliments. ;)