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  1. heavylifting1

    Norditropin simplexx 10mg/1,5ml HGH (30IUs) - ?

    These are just the cartridge and you need to draw and inject with your own insulin syringe?
  2. heavylifting1

    Euro Pharmacies blends are hitting hard

    I'm that pleased with them I had to tell you all so you grab them while they are here. I know I'm a representative but I stand by them that strong that if you find something better speak out or use it. The Test P, Tren A blend is hard hitting. I like the Masteron not being in this stack, it...
  3. heavylifting1

    Spiny's Sponsored Uncle Z Log

    Do you have before pictures to mark your transformation Spiny?
  4. heavylifting1

    Winter beast mode 2014 log

    What were you working this workout? How many calories are you eating a day?
  5. heavylifting1

    Uncle Z early Xmas sale. take 30% off.

    Yes you can still place an order at www.UncleZ.net
  6. heavylifting1


    YES! Masteron Enanthate. The EP line up is expanding!! From blends to new esters. Just another reason to use Z.
  7. heavylifting1

    Testosterone Undecanoate now available

    If it has a half life of 3 weeks in your opinion how many times a month would you inject it?
  8. heavylifting1


    About 3 months back I used the IGF-1 LR3 Z is carrying at 20mcg injected into my biceps, triceps, and traps on days I weight trained for about 6 weeks. I had great pumps even looked a little leaner. I was happy to stop anyways. I didn't want to keep going because I decided I was going to...
  9. heavylifting1

    Winter beast mode 2014 log

    230 with as little body fat as possible is probably going to work really well for you with the shape you are already in. Tren and proviron are almost going to work like magic.
  10. heavylifting1

    Uncle Z has ALPHA PHARMA

    Z is carrying ALPHA-PHARMA. EQ,NPP,Winstrol,Test prop, and Test Cyp. ALPHA PHARMA has its own branded names for each one of these. And they are carried in 1ml amps. ALPHA PHARMA (Equipoise) Boldebolin - 250mg/ml 1ml/amp ALPHA PHARMA (NPP) NandroRapid - 100mg/ml 1ml/amp ALPHA PHARMA...
  11. heavylifting1

    8 days out !

    How well do you think your abs are coming in Joe?
  12. heavylifting1


    What other peptides have you used instead?
  13. heavylifting1

    EP Test 400 10ML $70!

    Thats not too much money. Its a new EP blend thats what its going to cost. Take a look around here. There is sources with Test dosed lower at 10ml who are charging $55 for what Z charges $35 for.
  14. heavylifting1

    Mean-green Checking in IMF

    Welcome take a look around
  15. heavylifting1

    New bro here

    Welcome take a look around
  16. heavylifting1

    EP Test 400 10ML $70!

    I have been using this product the past few weeks Its PAINLESS. Its for users who are going to do high test cycles. I can get in twice as much test a week with at this concentration. The TEST 400 is as smooth to draw as the other testosterones. Its made up of Testosterone Enanthate -...
  17. heavylifting1


    UncleZ.net PEPTIDES http://unclez.net/20-peptides GENERICS 3mg(3vials)-Generic IGF-1 LR3-1mg/vial 6mg(3vials)-Generic Peg MGF-2mg/vial Melanotan-II(MT-II)(10mg/vial) 10 vials PT-141(Bremelanotide)(10mg/vial) 10 vials Mechano Growth Factor(MGF) (2mg/vial) 10 vials
  18. heavylifting1

    Whats your favorite bulking steroids?

    Whats your favorite steroids for a bulker? I have to have testosterone, dianabol, and trenbolone. All Euro Phamarcies! Whats yours?
  19. heavylifting1

    Suggestions for diet, cycle...etc

    What steroids do you have in mind for your cycle? Hows your diet you've already lost a good amount of weight. I'd like to know what you eat and how do you train?
  20. heavylifting1

    $150 off Genotropin HGH

    Uncle Z has 3 Genotropin kits available for $750. Thats $250 per kit. The kits are 36iu's. This is a $150 off what the price would normally be. It would be nice to see this around all the time. Unfortunately there is a time limit on this so please don't miss out and get all you can while you...