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  1. ffemt

    Bicep/soreness question

    Weight Training Exercises to Avoid if You Want to Build Muscle Fast Written by: Jason_Ferruggia When it comes to constructing the ultimate weight training program to build muscle, exercise selection is a very important component. You build muscle fastest with compound weight training...
  2. ffemt

    Going my first round with clen next week..what can I expect?

    what are you stacking the clen with? t3? anyway been there with the clen,not real happy however I can say I seen small and I mean small changes with it.Went back to a GOOD,CLEAN diet and meet my goals.As for me I didnt like the way it made me feel(blood pressure,dizzy,loss of sleep etc.)any who...
  3. ffemt

    Happy Birthday IainHomo!!!

    Happy Brithday man!
  4. ffemt

    what do firefighters,cops,nurses and mma fighters have in common?

    Is there a problem with FF,cops,and nurses?Don't think so besides my nurse wife can kick your ass,then do you wife from the back side!!!!!!WANT SOME?:kissu:
  5. ffemt

    Busted on a ugly fat whore

    So you busted on a fat chick.wooooooopie!!!!!:clapping: try AA it's for stuiped drunks ya know.
  6. ffemt

    The Rant Thread...

    I hate stuiped people!And thats all I got to say.Thanks and God bless:pissed:
  7. ffemt

    Critical Mass POS

    Good friend is using it right now and seems to love it,Dont know how its going to turn out?Let you know as soon as poss!!!
  8. ffemt

    Pre Funk birthday wishes

    Happy Brithday Mr.P-Funk
  9. ffemt

    What do you do for a living???

    Fire Fighter/EMT Mount Airy Fire Department Home Page
  10. ffemt

    quit smoking; focus problems

    i man323 please dont give up some people on here is crazy as hell and dont know shit!!! take the good with the bad and f*#k the rest
  11. ffemt

    quit smoking; focus problems

    oh but I'm a teenager, and i dont know jack shit about anything. so excuse me. She has seen the light!Thank God
  12. ffemt

    quit smoking; focus problems

    For God sake please stop the bull shit,Iam glad your mom is sober but we are talking about smoking and the reason your mom drank was because of you (Dont know for sure wild guess):kissu:
  13. ffemt

    quit smoking; focus problems

    will power? not me.thats why I dont go to AA meetings anymore,Because AA is for quiters. jodi is 100% right about otc first but dont be afraid to contact you doctor for help,again good luck!
  14. ffemt

    Cell tech

  15. ffemt

    quit smoking; focus problems

    check out Chantix hope this helps! It worked for me;)
  16. ffemt

    It's min0 lee's birthday!!

    Happy Birthday!!
  17. ffemt

    what is it??

    united-pharmacy.com - online anabolic steroids shop!
  18. ffemt

    What's your dream job?

    Living my dream job as we speak. Firefighter/EMT 24 on 48 off!!! What a life:)
  19. ffemt

    What good did Ironmag do for you as far as training?

    Yea and all the stuff everybody else said!!A big thanks to Gopro,jodi for the workouts and diet help,Oh yea cant forget the man P-Funk!! thanks Im and the great people on here!!!:)
  20. ffemt


    Wlecome to IM :)