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  1. Z499

    Congrats To The New AG Mod DieselJimmy

    I take it you ran into to the Captn and he took you back to his place, looks like you had to pull (or suck) a few favors to get mod status which may explain why your knees hurt congrats bro, and that also might explain why you werent getting my messages :winkfinger::winkfinger::winkfinger:
  2. Z499

    Why the AR-15 and M-4 should not be used for their sustained rates of fire

    My ak manual says to clean once every 10 years. So yea for prepping its my AK's FTW. Every issue ive had with any of my AK's was when I was using a piece of shit South Korean stamped mag. My AR's on the other hand are more accurate and are just as reliable but they have to be maintained...
  3. Z499

    Goat vs fatties

    Lol you can tell there's no rednecks in that region, if there were then that goat would have been taken care of. And it's sad that there is a country out there that getting attacked by a goat would make the news.
  4. Z499

    Do you drink?

    I drink on and off cycle, but very little and its only on a special occasion
  5. Z499

    Dear American Consumers: Please Don't Start Eating Healthfully. Sincerely, the Food I

    With all do respect the congress commisioned iwg can go fuck themselves perhaps if they could fix their spending problem then this might be something they wouldn't have to worry about. And if its that much if an issue then can't Obama just print more money like how he did in the early days of...
  6. Z499

    If you had to choose?

    Lol, azza that pic was a compliment to you
  7. Z499

    I Hate

    nope he is too busy using them on us here in the US
  8. Z499

    I Hate

    proverbs 13:3 its easier to hate all of humanity than it is to single out 1 race or 1 relgion
  9. Z499


    Thats why I don't go to church and if I do make an appearance I don't put anything in the offering plate.
  10. Z499

    Newb from NJ

  11. Z499

    If you had to choose?

    hey now... AZZA lifts
  12. Z499


  13. Z499

    Heavylifter......the real VAR by Agentyes

    Your welcome, once this food digests I thinks it's time for another, and I'm about to take shower #4 for the day ;) ;) :blowjob:
  14. Z499

    Heavylifter......the real VAR by Agentyes

    Hehe I found some vicadin and I'm about down some bacon flavored and cheese grits along with a mass gainer shake, with this mouth pain I can't hardly eat anything and difinitely not get enough carbs ohhh and looking good babe keep up with the good log
  15. Z499

    If you had to choose?

    Hell I would like to be a healthy 250lbs not a fat 250lbs but I have 40 more lbs to gain in order to get there and that's gonna be a while
  16. Z499

    If you had to choose?

    I choose rich, Im not going for a greek god body, ive accepted the fact i will never see a 6 pack on my stomach and im fine with it, the money on the other hand, i could really use it to pay off some debt, fix my cars, re shingle and repair my roof.
  17. Z499

    Falling in love with the wrong girl...

    A relationship with her sounds like going through a hurricane, it's fun and exciting in the beginning, but it ends in disaster.
  18. Z499

    help! deca dick

    i ran liquid cabre and wont do it again, too unstable and tastes horrible. so i switched to prolactrone and its working pretty well, when the mood strikes me, i have no problems flying flag at full mast
  19. Z499

    What keep you guys going ?

    i walk into a walmart and look to the left and then to the right.
  20. Z499

    help! deca dick

    were you running any of these while running deca? cabre, prami, proviron, prolactrone