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  1. Rayjay1

    Is this the end for designer steroids and pro-hormones?

    Just about everywhere I know of is already sold out
  2. Rayjay1

    Thinking about trying CJC-1295 DAC....

    CJC w/DAC for the win... Finally started running w/dac instead of the w/o dac and I am loving it. The GH bleed definitely is doing more for me than the pulses of no dac + GHRP
  3. Rayjay1

    going to endo today

    ^^This!! Don't ride the roller coaster. Weekly doses are the only way to go
  4. Rayjay1

    About to throw the towel in after almost 20 years....

    This makes perfect sense. But remember, it was never a waste. Your character has been strengthened by the commitment and consistency. Everybody gets old and soft some day. I'm just trying to find words that might help. I have had quite a few surgeries and have lost the activities that I...
  5. Rayjay1

    About to throw the towel in after almost 20 years....

    Sorry to hear this Vic. I have had injuries and understand how hopeless you can feel. But it's not hopeless. Channel your passion into something new and good. Maybe you will find more joy in what you move on to. Don't give up on the gym. Take caused of yourself. But being huge isn't the...
  6. Rayjay1

    Test level 116

    Great question. In for answer
  7. Rayjay1

    Destroyed shoulder

    Peptides or GH... also, would hate to hear of you re-injuring it by trying to come back to fast.
  8. Rayjay1

    Test level 116

    levels that low while still on PCT aren't a good sign. Might need to be more aggressive with PCT or run it longer than usual. Triptorelin, HCG, HMG, Clomid, Nolva, and Torem all have their place. But with HCG, Clomid and Nolva for three weeks you shouldn't be that low
  9. Rayjay1

    maybe a little unorthodox

    I think it looks good also based on your stated goals. I love cycles with low test and higher on other compounds though. looks fun
  10. Rayjay1

    Eq and BP

    I have had success with Celery Seed Extract, but it was 85% one specific extract based on the label so not sure if all are the same
  11. Rayjay1

    AAS / GH / Peptides

    keep fast carbs handy, and maybe pick up a blood glucose meter to test if you think bloodsugar is getting low... some people claim IGF makes them go Hypoglycemic
  12. Rayjay1

    AAS / GH / Peptides

    50mcg 1-2 hours post workout sounds fine. once a day. Some people think you should wait until post workout like this to allow as much natural IGF-1 generation as possible before adding your exogenous dose. So it is in line with that
  13. Rayjay1

    Test level 116

    Mine was 87 before ever touching juice. Hopefully you'll bounce back at some point, but there is always TRT, right?
  14. Rayjay1

    Input experience and advice eq

    I am prone to anxiety and EQ caused a little. Nothing serious though, just occasionally uncomfortable. hunger was up, but I still leaned out some. My gains were slow and steady. Nothing huge, but not all water weight either. I donated blood and had no BP or RBC issues. Bloods looked pretty...
  15. Rayjay1

    a pic or two of my bodybuilding days gone by

    Bad ass brother. I hope at 59 I can still do the things I love to do. Stats still really good it seems
  16. Rayjay1

    BPC-157 for repair joints a MOD posted his cycle cant find!

    You can get a TON of information on PubMed by just searching BPC-157. There is a lot of research on it for healing muscle, tendon, ligament, digestive tract, all sorts of stuff. my research subject healed acceptably from a serious knee injury without surgery. the stuff works (also TB4 / TB500)
  17. Rayjay1

    thinkin about peptides

    Pretty much this. It might still be increasing GH as much I guess but I can feel a big difference in the flushing between food/no food. good to hear science showing it still works though. Hope it's true
  18. Rayjay1

    equpoise insane hunger

    I like soft cookies. Gooey and still hot off the pan? Mainline that shit!!!
  19. Rayjay1

    IGF-1 LR3 Need Help!!!!

    IGF-1 is a very important factor of muscle growth and proliferation. One of the reasons GH works is that it increases IGF-1 production. Increasing your body's production of GH and of IGF-1 will definitely allow you to pass natural genetic limits if you are bumping into them already. I can't...