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  1. The13ig13adWolf


    best way to drop the fat is to get your diet in order. don't overdo the cardio, you're better off getting back into training but no one can 'give' you the motivation to do so. you have to find it within yourself. good luck.
  2. The13ig13adWolf

    Split Leg Training

    i vote to drop the last exercise on both days. the ad/abductor machine is a waste of time and you don't need any glute machine if you're doing full squats. i'd scrap the leg extenstion for bulgarian squats or something too.
  3. The13ig13adWolf

    I hate yogurt...what should I do?

    if you don't like it, dont' eat it.
  4. The13ig13adWolf

    early meal?

    i agree ^^^
  5. The13ig13adWolf

    Food Combining

    fire your nutritionists...
  6. The13ig13adWolf

    Training or nutrition? What percentage of each?

    i vote 80% nutrition / 20% training.
  7. The13ig13adWolf

    working out hard, but not being sore the next day

    soreness isn't an indicator of a successful workout.
  8. The13ig13adWolf

    muscle soreness

    DOMS isn't an indicator of a successful workout.
  9. The13ig13adWolf

    Advice, Abs, Biceps

    again, go back and read my posts. i disagree with you and stated the reasons why. he does not NEED cardio to achieve his goals contrary to what you may believe. it's fine to supplement diet and training with cardio but not necessary. cardio does not flatten a stomach, nutrition does.
  10. The13ig13adWolf

    Advice, Abs, Biceps

    go back and read my posts slower...you'll get it ;).
  11. The13ig13adWolf

    Advice, Abs, Biceps

    some do, some don't. this is irrelevant to the argument.
  12. The13ig13adWolf

    Advice, Abs, Biceps

    my point is you are incorrect. in order to lose weight, one does not NEED cardio. this is a misnomer and if more people would focus on their diet rather than ridiculous advice like this, they wouldn't have to spend 2 hours on the treadmill every day. it obviously wasn't obvious to you...
  13. The13ig13adWolf

    Advice, Abs, Biceps

    not all BBers do lots of cardio for comp prep.
  14. The13ig13adWolf

    Advice, Abs, Biceps

  15. The13ig13adWolf

    Advice, Abs, Biceps

    disagree. you can drop bf w/o doing an ounce of cardio if your diet is on point. diet first. cardio second.
  16. The13ig13adWolf

    Seated Calf Raises without that machine

    my only other suggestion is doing them one leg at a time with DBs. if they're too heavy to hang on to, get some straps.
  17. The13ig13adWolf

    IM Contest 2006...

    :banned: :finger: that's not what the guys i beat at the physical agility testing were saying :rocker:
  18. The13ig13adWolf

    muscles soreness and over training......

    muscle soreness is not an indicator of a successful workout. symptoms which can result from overtraining are (there are a lot so i'll just list a handful): decreased performance (such as strength, power, muscle endurance), increased recovery time, motor coordination all jacked up, heart rate...
  19. The13ig13adWolf

    Smith machine for CGBP

    tighten up your aim next time :p
  20. The13ig13adWolf

    Smith machine for CGBP

    IMO anything on a smith is not good but that's me...especially squats (all variations). you're doing yourself a disservice by eliminating your stabilizers. i don't see how squatting ATG makes a difference. whether you're doing them free or on a smith, that's simply correct form either way. may...