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  1. FishOrCutBait


    sick last.fm avatar :thumb:
  2. FishOrCutBait

    IM Book Club

    I am just finishing reading Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, and I am also working on Frogs Into Princes, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby, and a couple others. Blink was an easy, fun read, but I dont see much use in reading the book. It didnt TEACH me anything
  3. FishOrCutBait

    Stream of Conciousness posting

    big cat or small dude.
  4. FishOrCutBait

    100 Days of "Fair & Balanced" coverage from Fox News

    When he says there is no change in this group, he means there is no positive change. Obama promised something greater than business as usual, something other than. He hasnt done anything but provide us with BaU, and obviously will continue to act the same.
  5. FishOrCutBait

    100 Days of "Fair & Balanced" coverage from Fox News

    frankly I didnt hear a ton that shocked me or seemed real out of line. I think the news on fox news is pretty balanced, however the talk pundits they have are conservative. Not a shocker. Dont like it? Dont watch Glen Beck. just that first comment by the man claiming that Obama was voted in by...
  6. FishOrCutBait

    Separate Toilet And Locker Room For Gay People

    Ever think its all in your head?
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  8. FishOrCutBait

    10 Recession-Proof Jobs

    Im going for my BS in ecology, and then get credentialed to teach science. I can has bullet-proof fall-back.
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    Im one of two or three people that goes to church at my work, and I got scheduled OUT of my availability on Easter, to work all day. agh!
  10. FishOrCutBait

    What supplements do you take daily?

    I didnt get sick at ALL, and started to get sick a couple times, but got better (even with major sleep deprivation), my shoulders which are normally a trouble area felt great, thats essentially it. cant 100% say I attribute it to that totally, but its really cheap and it really cant hurt, so no...
  11. FishOrCutBait

    Tiniest Frog In South America's Andes Mountains

    look dr. hand fetish, that hand is a scientist.
  12. FishOrCutBait

    Spgahetti and Meat balls.

    eat it you sissy
  13. FishOrCutBait

    It's 5 PM. What's on your mind?

    2:45 today. im getting sick, I dont want to work, and I have to study for my spanish test.
  14. FishOrCutBait

    Bread is bad?

    lold so hard
  15. FishOrCutBait

    Barack Obama's New World Order

    is it just fear or is it respect? I respect big guns. I fear big guns pointed at other people.
  16. FishOrCutBait

    Huge Population Of Rare Dolphins Discovered

    or it may have already been wiped out.
  17. FishOrCutBait

    Huge Population Of Rare Dolphins Discovered

    This really does go to show just how vast our world is. There are so many places we havent yet FULLY explored, and dont yet understand the entirety of. It will be a sad day though, once we have a full understanding and knowledge of our world.
  18. FishOrCutBait

    Obama, the f*cking hippocryte...

    see: city wok
  19. FishOrCutBait

    What supplements do you take daily?

    you guys have never heard of megadosing vitamin c? I figured Id give it a shot, and I dig it. Premier had some studies hed dug up regarding it aiding in connective tissues.