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  1. Big Smoothy

    Old dog getting back into the race

    Welcome, Chief.
  2. Big Smoothy

    app routine programs VS experience

    I do mostly weights and some cardio. Cardio 2 times per week. Weights about 4-5 days per week. Everyone is different. And remember that ol' saying: diet is everything.
  3. Big Smoothy

    What the Health - Netflix Documentary

    I've heard this is very good. I'll check it out.
  4. Big Smoothy

    Who remembers...

    Danny81? I remember that face. Been a long time since I've been here. I'll visit more often. Almost all forums are slow these days. Great memories here from the posters that were here. I wonder where they are now....
  5. Big Smoothy

    KillerOfSaints RIP

    RIP. Terrible news
  6. Big Smoothy

    The Ultimate Intermittent Fasting Guide

    Thanks for the article. I am interested in the "Switching up" part as I've been doing 16:8 on and off.
  7. Big Smoothy

    8 minute set training?

    Why 8 minutes? Are you in a hurry?
  8. Big Smoothy

    Critique my diet

    You're welcome. :callme:
  9. Big Smoothy

    Why do most gym members settle for being average?

    I've been going to gyms for 25+ years. Yes, the vast majority of people don't want to 'stand out.' Some are just going to look a little better and for health reasons. Others may want to grow or to lean out but they aren't willing to put in the hard work in the gym and outside of it (diet)...
  10. Big Smoothy

    Coffee A Fresh Cup of New Research

    I drink at least 3 cups of Nezcafe instant a day. Protects the liver and picks me up. Coffee, in its true form, is natural. It comes from the Earth
  11. Big Smoothy

    knee problems when lifting

    I think we need some more details: 1. what specific exercises are hurting your knees? 2. How much weight are you using? How heavy? 3. What is your age? 4. Have you ever had knee injuries in the past?
  12. Big Smoothy

    Routine ?

    Pardon my ignorance, but what is "DC?"
  13. Big Smoothy

    Cardio and fat loss

    In response to all 3 of you're statements, I say: Not necessarily Not necessarily Not necessarily
  14. Big Smoothy

    three reasons for obesity

    Are these causes of obesity or the result? I've just read Dr. Robert Lustig's book "Fat Chance" and I've seen his youtube presentations. He claims that Leptin resistance causes the majority of world-wide obesity cases. People's brain (mainly the hypothalamus) is not reading / detecting Leptin...
  15. Big Smoothy

    Hair Loss

    I take finasteride It's sold in the US under the name Propecia I've been taking it for 18 years. I actually grew hair back that was thinning. I started shedding like a dog at 25 after having a thick head of hair. I grew my hair long on top and slicked it back with gel. I hated it. I went to...
  16. Big Smoothy

    Cardio and fat loss

    "The best time to do Cardio" great debate. Once again. I've done all of the times / sequences of cardio mentioned. *Fasted AM after getting up. *After a lifting session *Separate day. *HIIT and moderate The OP should find what works best for him, and as noted, it's about....diet. For some...
  17. Big Smoothy

    Car Thread

    I'm confused......
  18. Big Smoothy

    would you hit it?

    I don't think that photo is real.
  19. Big Smoothy

    hateful 8 for free

    Thanks, hekclar, I 'll try it
  20. Big Smoothy

    what kind of RICE..

    Brown is healthier as we know. I don't eat any rice at all.