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  1. oufinny

    Darkhrse99's IronMag Research Chems Clenbuterol

    Besides that, how is it going?
  2. oufinny

    Be careful with underground T3 AND CLENBUTEROL

    By this WP logic, he's a real genius mind you, I would have no muscle left since I have been on it now for 5 months straight. Even on a TRT dose of 160mg/wk of test I have ZERO issues or muscle loss from T3 (its US pharmacy stuff not UGL WP). It cracks me up when I hear this but people are...
  3. oufinny

    Td! Awesome service and stuff!

    If it's as good as it looks you should have a blast with this run.
  4. oufinny

    is it easy to get priesciption for TRT

    You obviously have no clue about some of the excellent sources here. 500 a week for TRT, good luck with that. I can do 200 with my prescription but I don't because I feel better with less in combination with HCG. You can get some extremely good quality from the sponsors here
  5. oufinny

    girl im friends with....

    That and the var. Keeping electrolytes in balance is key to success and less sides.
  6. oufinny

    IronMag Research Tadalafil Feedback Log

    Is it a solution or a suspension?
  7. oufinny

    girl im friends with....

    Is she taking taurine, potassium and magnesium? 25 is not a high dose but it's up there.
  8. oufinny

    Where the Fuck has WP been?????

    Engrish class
  9. oufinny

    Looking to do a test only cycle..,

    Careful Cap, these people are getting lazy as fuck around here.
  10. oufinny

    what makes you waste time here

    Reading sob stories about guys getting gyno and using under-dosed gear. Dreaming of fucking SheriV... That's about it.
  11. oufinny

    Shes Back.

    Halfway house idea, very good one. I didn't follow what all went down but it doesn't sound good and if the kids were at risk, very not good.
  12. oufinny

    Female first Var cycle log - Training for figure

    Good stuff! You will find 20mg a day is going to net you some impressive results. Train your ass off, eat clean and do just enough cardio to stay lean. I hate the cardio queens; thankfully we don't have too many at my gym.
  13. oufinny

    The Divide: American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap

    I am going to give this a read. I have a feeling its nothing overly shocking less the details as to WHY it happens so many of us don't know about unless we are willing to dig to find it.
  14. oufinny

    Wrist Wraps - Going Quick!

    Good thing I saw this I need a new pair ASAP.
  15. oufinny

    for $19,654,456 dollars......

    Exactly, I would be fucking MAD bitches if I had that kind of change laying around.
  16. oufinny

    Sharky's NPC Bikini Prep

    Lots going on there but at least you are killing it. I'd split the deads out to back day if it was me and do GHRs (glute-ham raises) with those deadlifts and for your squat/leg day you are missing front squats and hack squats. If you want killer legs, you need to front squat... they build...
  17. oufinny

    Cholesterol friendly AI

    I'm curious now if my use of letro hurt my lipids some as well last year, HDL was 10! I'm pretty sure it was the Superdrol though since it was 4.5 weeks I ran it.
  18. oufinny

    Tren Ace vs Tren E cycle

    Your clomid dose is too low in PCT, try 75/50/50/50/25 and run aromasin in PCT, its a far better option than a type 2 AI like adex or letro. Personally I like the torem/ralox combo for PCT, especially after a 19-nor like tren. That HCGayness won't do shit during your PCT, save it for after if...
  19. oufinny

    d-bol piss test URGENT !!!

    What federation is testing you??? That is such an odd thing to test for unless you compete in a natural federation... fuck them.
  20. oufinny

    Primo only cycle!

    That seems crazy to me and are you not taking any test at all, did I read that right? I mean, just a TRT dose like 150-200 a week to make sure your dick works...