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    are you a first time monster customer?!

    I used Monster labs awhile back.. Great stuff
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    Old Anabolex member here

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    Site Newb

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    Traffic is picking up!

    Lol, love the pic
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    This place is so dead

    I agree bro. This is a good place.. Not alot going on but very good to be at
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    Hot chick with a needle

    I like!!!lol
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    Paxton scam

    Oh yeah brotha they will be back I hope. They have always been great to me .. I'll be waiting, Paxton! !!!
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    Paxton scam

    Ok thank you bro... Looks like I'll have to go somewhere else. I send order in but all there email are shut down.I just that tells me something
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    Paxton scam

    Yes please, ,I have been dealing with these guys for many years now... No problem so far ?? Let us know .. That's what we are here for..
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    Deca to relieve joint pain - need advice

    Deca works super good for me at 100mg a week.. But I don't take it ,it fucks my dick up so bad even at 50mg.... So gh is all I have been doing it helps some but takes alot longer and doesn't work as good from me..
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    RC labs bloodwork

    Thanks for the info brother
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    Clean or hairy?

    Yeah I shave everything butt just keep down there nice and cut close.. I do keep the leg hair really close and shave them from time to time.. I use to have hair everywhere, my girl loves it being shaved .. Just seems alot cleaner.. Some say men is supposed to have hair that's a matter of...
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    WTF is up with newbies

    Yeah it does get under my skin sometimes. Have not been training for a year then no diet just thank that the test are anything else is going to do the job ... Then complain when it doesn't. . It's not really fair for use guys that's been putting the work in for 13 years pluss..are even the guys...
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    Egg Prices?

    Fuck yes ,I pissed me off when I pick up some the other day $5:99. 36 eggs. . Now $8:50 for 36 eggs ,here ..
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    Newie with slim frame looking to strengthen myself

    Welcome bro,got to see you back in the game
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    Am I an elitist asshole...?

    Lmao,agree, but I will still fuck with my wife about it when I see it. Maybe she will stop going with me so I can get some peace and quiet at the grocery store!!! Lol
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    How do you feel about sex toys?

    Off limits
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    Am I an elitist asshole...?

    Lol,,well brother I do the same shit!! My wife does thank the same about me. So I just keep it to myself now.. I just thank that we thank different from alot of people. . I cache myself doing it alot . No your not a ass hole at all they just don't want to hear the F,,,,true
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    Experience with Finasteride and Deca

    Am not sure buddy.. Never ran them are know anyone that has ran them togeather. . Let us know how it goes are if you fine out anything on it...
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    my 505 incline

    Danmit brother, , with no spot .. that's awesome