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  1. G Bandit


    That shit has crashed to infinity and beyond. Don't do anything but let the rep know. I've had one happen like this and it was replaced.
  2. G Bandit

    hottie at gym

    You were saying in another post that she hardly works out! That outer sweep on her quads is something else. :daydream:
  3. G Bandit

    Deadlift Form Check

    Can I ask you what the pause is for between each rep? I see your releasing with your hands each time and your back is going from straight to arched then straight again. Thats where I see your straining your back. Knock out the reps continuously no pause.
  4. G Bandit

    Texas town allows teachers to carry concealed guns

    Im a vet and still serving. Have you seen what war has done to those that served? I think anyone that is going to carry around children and are there to protect need to screened. Not just Vets Zap. Honestly we need to come home and fix our problems within our country and not worry about other...
  5. G Bandit

    Just recently bought some supplements and feeling not super conifdent about them.

    I get my vitamins there. Its best to get them when you get that discount every first week of the month plus with the BOGO on top of that. As for everything else you better going online for it. A lot of different variety to choose from and not as expensive.
  6. G Bandit

    song lines you really like

    You know where you are, You're in the jungle baby, YOU'RE GONNA DIE!!
  7. G Bandit

    Texas town allows teachers to carry concealed guns

    Allowing people who are trained with a weapon like police officers, military vets (Screened of course) is a great idea. Now allowing a teacher to carry is another thing. What happens when Timmy talks about Mrs. Big bone Edna's weight problem a little too much this time? Teachers should not but I...
  8. G Bandit

    Texas town allows teachers to carry concealed guns

    Just wait the kids are gonna have back problems by time they are out of elementary school! Now the obesity rates are gonna rise in children even more!
  9. G Bandit

    Cyanostane RX stack

    Aright so heres my stack straight from Obritz. Cyanostane Rx - 1 Bottle Anabolic-Matrix Rx - 1 bottle Ultra Male Rx - 1 bottle Advanced Cycle Support Rx - 1 bottle E-Control Rx - 1 bottle Should I run a serm with my PCT? I did Metha-drol Ex and I used serm with my PCT. I have Tam on hand just...
  10. G Bandit

    Dr Dre Beats Wireless headphones (over ear)

    If you plan on going wireless don't go with Jaybird headphones. They are GARBAGE. Can't go a couple feet away from my Ipod without it cutting out.
  11. G Bandit

    Payouts for the last MR. O 2012

    Ok so I was looking threw this magazine that just came out and at how much money everyone got for their categories at the 2012 MR. O and why is it that the 212 category gets less the the females fitness, figure? Not saying those ladies don't deserve it but why do those dudes get shafted the...
  12. G Bandit

    First post

  13. G Bandit

    Deep Tissue massage

    Just wanted to know peoples opinion on this. Wondering if its worth it or just a waste of time.
  14. G Bandit

    Favorite Movie of All Time

    Tombstone, Goodfellas, Casino and the Godfather series.:shooter:
  15. G Bandit

    Mom accused of posting nude pic of daughter on Facebook

    Thank goodness I have Three boys. I would be heated if I seen my daughter disrespecting herself like that. I couldn't imagine what I would do. More power to the men with the lil ladies.
  16. G Bandit

    Cutting Stack

    I appreciate the time to explain this to me. I'll look into this more and see where to go. If I have anymore questions I'll be sure to hit you up. Thanks
  17. G Bandit

    Cutting Stack

    Can you inform me what you mean by stims and non-stims? Im looking for something that someone else had good results with. Too many BS sups out here to just pick one and hope it works.
  18. G Bandit

    Cutting Stack

    So Im not much on cutting but I am about to finish up on a bulk stack. I have never really looked into a cutting stack before so I wouldn't know which is a great from good one. Any suggestions that could help me out? The bulk stack I'm on gave me 10 lbs but my midsection is holding a lil more...
  19. G Bandit


    Damn Jay always be ready for the worst. Have everything you need on hand. :deadhorse:
  20. G Bandit

    Stubborn Calves

    Thanks Ag I'll have to give that a shot as well. Question 5/15.. I got hold for five at the top does 15 mean reps or 15 sec Negs?