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    Halo - What it is, and how it works...

    Hey guys - I'm doing some research... "and I'm looking for your feedback." Everyone knows, scientific studies can be very confusing... and user feedback can have so many variations because of the difference in how people react or respond to gear... along with different types or products being...
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    Ejaculate volume on cycle

    HGH - HCG - L-Arginine and as jozifp mentions proviron
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    I'm new here

    Welcome to the forum... "you're in good company!"
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    m1t from psl

    I haven't personally ran it yet but the feedback has been very good. For those who are new to the product... Methylated 1 Testosterone is a structurely modified version of the most potent pro steroid - 1-testosterone. It is very interesting in the way it can be looked at as an amalgamation of...
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    Dianabol -dbol

    Hold on to the dbol... for now!!! Keep on pushing yourself hard to gain as much as naturally possible... once you've hit a plateau - change your workout routine... go into rest-pause sets... i.e.. something you can curl 2-3 times - then pause between reps until you get to 10-12 reps (give or...
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    Do steroids increase motivation???

    Keeping your estrogen in check will also play a big part of being motivated... or not being motivated. It's easy to run your AI's too high, which will cause extreme estrogen suppression and can make you lethargic. Estrogen plays an important part in supporting serotonin... this is one of the...
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    HGh ?

    Yeah 5iu's is a good amount to run... and you are best to plan on running it for six months if possible. There is a lot of debate on what time to run it and after all of my research, I've decided at night before bed is best... this cam from a person who was told this by Tom Price at the 2003...
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    Purity Source Labs ANSOMONE HGH BACK IN STOCK! Now at a lower price!

    Great price - with GREAT results!!! The feedback has been very good with this product!
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    Strongest steroid?

    If you're writing fiction here's some info that might add a little grit to your writing... Testosterone Base - Testosterone Suspension and Trenbolone. Test base is 100% testosterone and is very similar to test suspension... test base is a solution as of oppose to test suspension, which is a...
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    Tren E, Test E & Mast E

    You're running one of my favorite cycles!!! But here's your solution for the libido... Pick up some L-Arginine and you should see some massive (pardon the) improvements! L-Arginine from Swanson works super super great!!! I take two 850mg caps 6-8 times a day with every meal. You'll know you...
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    Clen and t3 ?

    You don't really want to see any sides with T3... however, when I taken it with clen I tend to sweat a lot but that varies with the dose of each item. One time I did run it over 100 mcg - and tested the theory of it putting you in a catabolic state.... I didn't notice any effect of being...
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    Clen and t3 ?

    The standard time frame for T3 is about 6 weeks, which is my bench mark, but I might fluctuate by a week either way... If I decide to extend it a little longer, it's simply based on a gut feeling because I'm still seeing the results I'm looking for but I wouldn't run it much longer because the...
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    Clen and t3 ?

    Both work great together, but you don't want to run T3 too high. T3 is the most active thyroid hormone in the body and needs to be used properly - I would not ever go over 80mcg I typically run it no more than 50mcg... I have run it higher, but T3 at 100mcg will easily put you into a...
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    Announcing a new Unique product. TAD-600 (glutathione)!!!

    TAD is a great addition to the site - VERY GOOD! From my studies on this, many of the pro's us it to get the best out of all the benefits that jozifp has outlined above. It also helps to protect hair, which might help with MPB... but I haven't heard or seen any studies to comfortably say it...
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    needing some help.

    Good luck to both of you!!! :)
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    Little PSL sample pack :) Including 2 new products!

    Looks great jozifp!!! :D
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    Life After Tren?

    One of my best cycles was test, tren and masteron... it brings out the 3D look so to speak. However it is hard on the hairline!!! I don't have MBP but did notice a significant amount of shedding during the cycle. I know that's not a life after tren... but it is worth mentioning.
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    Has anyone run Provision while not on a cycle?

    Proviron is great if used properly... It does act as an anti-estrogen, and results are somewhat comparable to Arimidex but less profound... PLEASE NOTE - that does not mean you should replace Arimidex or any other AI with Proviron. Due to the very high affinity for plasma binding protein such...
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    This Friday 6/19 PSL SPECIAL! PFIZER GENOTROPIN 36iu for $199!!! 48 hours only!

    We always recommend running this for six months... and now you can!!! With this sale price... it's like 6 months for the price of 4. Or really treat yourself and run it for a 12 months for the price of 8 months = 4 months free. In comparison to regular pricing... It's like buying 4 months...