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    Girlfriend Cheated

    Hey everyone I'd like to get some of your opinions about this. I've been with my girlfriend now for over a year. We met in January 03' and we started dating in Feb 03'. Anyways 3 months into our relationship at the end of April 03' she cheated on me. Now I've always had the frame of mind that if...
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    It's been a while

    O i see what's the website to access their board?
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    It's been a while

    Hey everyone I haven't been on this website for a year what happened to Dr.Pain and W8lifter? It looks like they both quit posting at the end of May 03'?
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    Who uses cardio to lean out?

    For cutting i like Intervals the best also , in the beggining i start low and then build up as time goes on. I ussually do 1 maybe 2 low intensity cardio sessions during the week along with it , but the HIIT is what works best.
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    Squat deep and with perfect form. My heavy sets look exactly like my light sets. As long as your legs are pumping up keep beating on them. When maximally pumped , stretch the hell out of your entire thigh complex. Another thing i've done thats added a ton of strength to my legs squat in...
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    What Is Your Max Benchpress???

    1RM on bench is 310 down from 390 a year ago before i injured my shoulder.
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    Muscle Provider rocks my second favorite next to Ultra Size.
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    How many of u think fruit is bad when cutting. I'm talking about low GI fruits like apples , grapefruit , and strawberries. I see alot of different opinions.
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    Amino acids: rip off?

    I take Amino Acids with my meals , after i lift , and before bed. The high quality brands like PRD-NitroMine , Beverly-Mass Aminos , APT-Aminos etc.. are excellent and they definetely make a difference for me.
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    For those who cycle carbs

    When i've done it in the past i only cycled starchy carbs Example: Day 1 100 grams starchy carbs Day 2: 50g starchy carbs Day 3: 0-25g starchy carbs. This is just an example theres other ways to do it. I left the green veggies the same , but i didnt add any extra on days where i wouldnt eat...
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    Free delivery and pretty cheap supplements

    I've bought stuff from there before. One of the cheapest spots. I was kind of uninimpressed with there delivery time , but it was worth it.
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    What did you eat for breakfast?

    Screw wheaties Every Morning i have Oatmeal , Beef , egg , and flax. Whether cutting or bulking i just adjust the portion sizes.
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    The Best Protein Powder...

    Check out there home site at bodybuildingworld.com or u can go to infinityfitness.com which sells Beverly and PRD.
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    The Best Protein Powder...

    Best Whey: Muscle Provider-Beverly & Ultra Whey-PRD , Best Blend: Ultra Size.-Beverly Hands Down the best i've used.
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    Carb counts

    I agree.
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    Carb counts

    U dont want to injest carbs after your workout if your doing a low carb diet while cutting.
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    34 Ways to Lose Fat

    LMFAO ... I do too.
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    LAM's quest for perfect symmetry

    Yeah LAM try the interval training its worked alot better for me. I use the MAC program. Its worked very well alot better then the 35-45 min of lower intensity cardio i used to do. I also heard that long sessions of low intensity cardio can actually make your body store fat.
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    Ultimate Fighting

    I train in Kickboxing, grappling, and submission.
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    Tyson vs Lewis poll

    That fight was horrible , Tyson just wasn't there. I never thought he'd get his ass handed to him like that. I got to take my hat off to Lewis who fight great. I'm surprised Tyson even lasted that long he was taking powerful uppercuts and crosses the whole fight. Tyson just isn't the same though.