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    Mid Morning/Afternoon Snacks ??

    I'd only add to try and get unsalted nuts. I'm able to find unsalted p-nuts. If there's one thing I hate.....it's salty nuts. Right w8?
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    Lakers vs Nets

    Well, if they win in NJ, at least they'll get to miss most of the riots in LA.
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    Chocolate Balls

    sounds much better than that shweaty ball recipe
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    What would you rather attend?

    The Masters...no doubt about it. Its the hardest ticket to get, in the beautiful weather, on a beautiful course, lots of tail running around and $1.50 sandwiches and $2.00 draft beer....No contest.
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    Lakers vs Nets

    I hate the Lakers, but I HOPE they sweep. Take us out of our misery...this series is pathetic.
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    Help with trip

    Unless you have an upcoming show, I'd just say enjoy your vacation and don't worry about eating perfect every day. You are young, it won't hurt your body to turn it loose for a week.
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    are you sure? they are Wampler brand and the bottom one has 400mg's of sodium and 21g's of protein.
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    nike girls tukey info I found this and thought I'd share. http://www.pilgrimspride.com/consumers/turkey/frozen1.html
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    "Body by Pain"

    the artist formerly know as so this is where everyone ended up from mm. just wanted to drop in your thread and say hello. you've made some great gains...esp. legs...since i last saw you on mm. i'm back in the game after quite a lay off, so i'll be around the board looking for some...