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    Quaker 1 minute oats vs. Quaker Regular Oats?

    i am determined to get every nutrient. i eat them dried without cooking . . . coughing fits a few times, but getting better. haha i do the old fashioned, boil water in the micro, put in the oats, teaspoon of Manukora Honey, cover, shower, then eat. typically works well The Manukora Manuka...
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    You must have 10 posts on the forum in order to PM

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo . . . . okay, i think this is post #4. still working at it!
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    Welcome new elite members!

    cool spot. about me? 53 / 6'5" 207. looking to get as big a possible with little to no effort! diet? solely a pack of Snickers every other day / washed down with a Monster, and nothing else. funny though, when i graduated high school, was 105, so 100 pounds later. sometimes wish I were...
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    forced eating & 50s

    No kidding. I was out in the mid-West for almost 2-years (ending last year) on a job / company paid logging / food / and all. I'd always drink a couple of drafts the before food arrived and inhale it all down. Those were good times. After a while I started feeling rough in the AM. Not hung...
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    forced eating & 50s

    Question for the members -> I cannot take a lot of food on my stomach like before. Matter of fact, if I hit the sack with a 1/2 empty stomach, I sleep much better and have energy next morning. In the past, full meal / top'd with a protein drink. If I do that now, I wake up feeling like real...
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    Account disappeared - so I recreated it

    Okay. Maybe I forgot the password and then recreated it. Not sure. I'll chop it up to use error. Back in, so thanks for responding / emails and looking into this!
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    Account disappeared - so I recreated it

    Hello again! My account created back in 2014 disappeared. Anyone have that happen? Remember back in 2014 MedLabs was the thing? Some of us were short? Wink, wink, wink. Remember that? TripleOver, I noticed GGG and heckvr4 are missing. Those guys alright? I have been a loyal fan all the...