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    Good movies?

    What did you think about it?
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    Pornstar chicks

    Not really you newb, they most likely take some kind of SSRI. You can last for an hour if you wanted to, throw in some PDE5 inhibitor and you?ll stay rock hard the entire time as well.
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    I hate Social Media and...

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    Any other good research companies that does not use bitcoin?

    The transaction fees are getting outrageous.
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    Canadian Source!

    Browse the sponsors section and you will find your answer.
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    Farva is butthurt and banned me

    Supermod Baby! Even a rep whore as well. [emoji8]
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    Farva is butthurt and banned me

    Why the fuck does my apostrophes turn to question marks on this board while using Tapatalk, and only this board?
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    Farva is butthurt and banned me

    Nope, I don?t have dem powers here no more.
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    Farva is butthurt and banned me

    Awe, you're actually kind of cute cupcake :kissu:.
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    Chuck's girl guarding the castle

    I'd take that over most other girls any day.
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    Who remembers...

    This place is pretty much dead, some guys have moved to ASF which is much more active.
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    I love UFC fights

    Indeed. Much better than boxing as well, well ring boxing that is.
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    Looking for reliable raw powders

    Do some research if that be true matey. I'd start by looking through the sponsor section.
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    Who remembers...

    Definitely an interesting poster on this forum.
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    Looking for reliable raw powders

    Yes officer, would you like my banking info to help facilitate your order?
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    KillerOfSaints RIP

    I would gladly take up your offer anytime. :kissu:
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    Had an encounter with a tranny, am I still hetero??

    Meh, tuck and fuck away! We?re all somewhat gay, just look at Prince, he?s been known to get oiled up and dance on a stage wearing just a thong that we all paid to watch. ❤️
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    KillerOfSaints RIP

    Anyone know how Tonya and his son are doing?
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    Ive been coasting through life the last couple of years.

    You get that gear I requested PPL send you yet?
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    Ive been coasting through life the last couple of years.

    Hell yes get back to being jacked and tan. It won?t fix all of your problems, but it sure as shit will make you feel better, especially when your strange ass count begins to grow exponentially.