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    Needing help with an upcoming show.

    I am still confused. I know that everyone's English is not the best, nor is their grammer, but c'mon man.
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    Needing help with an upcoming show.

    What? I do not understand what you are trying to say.
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    Needing help with an upcoming show.

    Thanks brother, I really appreciate that man. Yea I want to stay rather light. I am cruising in some test right now until I can make an order which will be soon. And I was thinking more or less just test, tren and clen to be honest. I can not handle winny because it kills my joints. Like to the...
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    Needing help with an upcoming show.

    Ok so my first show will be Nov 7th. I made the choice to finally step in stage. I am nervous and excited. I know it is a ways away, but I want to get everything in order asap. I need help with my pre contest cycle. Basically I want to figure out what should I run going into this show. I am...
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    needing some help.

    Ok well I have decided I am going to do my first show. I am quite a ways away from the show, November 7th, but I want to start prepping myself mentally and physically going into this show. I need help figuring out what kind of stack to run. I am currently cruising for a little while trying to...
  6. K

    Little PSL sample pack :) Including 2 new products!

    Omg, I would have wet dreams for a week if I got a sample pack like that.
  7. K

    What secure money transit are you using?

    Bitcoin is probably the BEST way and most secure. If you are super worried about being traced go download Tor browser and set up a safe bc wallet there.
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    Halobolin review

    I did not notice anything out of the ordinary while on it. Milk thistle is a good thing to run, but since it is a 17a-methyl PH, I would STRONGLY suggest using Liv 52. You can buy a 5 pack for like $20 on amazon, and that will keep you covered taking it every day twice a day. It will last longer...
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    Question from PURITY SOURCE LABS....Pharm Grade Insulin?

    1.) Who thinks more sources including PSL should carry Pharm Grade Insulin? I for one would not mind yall carrying Pharma Grade Insulin. Would be something nice for yall to carry, as I have been looking into running a 6 week insulin run. 2.) Who here includes insulin into their cycles? I do...
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    Pre-workout for newbie who doesn't want to rely on them too much

    If you are insistent on running a pwo, something for any first timer is C4. Lots of awesome flavors and has probably the best tasting flavors. There are a lot of pwo's thattaste like STRAIGHT ASS, so be careful on the one you pick.
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    Halobolin review

    Halobolin is a decent thing to run. The only downside to it in my eyes is, you need to run it in a higher dose than most others. The results are noticed rather quickly, within a few weeks. It is a methyl PH, so it is toxic on the liver. So if you do decide to run it, get yourself some Liv 52 DS...
  12. K

    $60 EP Tri-Tren SPECIAL! Friday 5/29 48 hours only! *Purity Source Labs*

    OMG! I hate you :P I am broke for a few more weeks haha. This is exactly what I wanted too. Told my wife just now and she tells me, Don't you even think about it for a few weeks hahahaha.
  13. K

    EP Test Cyp Vs Test E

    I have had ZERO Problems with any PSL Products. I have nothing but great things to say about PSL. Only place I will ever get my gear from.
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    Tren Ace.

    Hell yea. Psl is gtg. I love their products and have yet to be let down. Anyways, yes the insomnia sucks. I am taking 12mg-15mg a night of melatonin which helps a little, but not as much as I would like. No night sweats yet, but I do sweat a lot more at work. My diet has not changed much, but I...
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    my 505 incline

    Jesus christ. Brother that is fucking awesome. What kind of training split/routine do you follow? I used to power lift in highschool but everything was just pyramids. This fall/winter I plan to do a huuge bulk and kind of want to get back to my roots.
  16. K

    otg85 deez nuts log

    That is killer. I need a a xmas gift like that :)
  17. K


    WONDERFUL! Yet again this fucking crossfit fags prove how retarded they are. I do believe all crossfitters are inbred.
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    Getting caught while in the ACT... Opinions?

    That is what I tell all my buddies who go home for college break and they are on cycle. ALWAYS be prepared for the worst.
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    Seriously, how big is your cock?

    7 1/2 with decent girth. I have never had a woman complain about it either.
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    Getting caught while in the ACT... Opinions?

    If they ask just say it was B12. You needed the extra energy because you have been so tired with, "fill in the blank"