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    Z customer service

    I can' t get a respose as well!! been over a week and nadda
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    New to site need cycle advice

    22 yrs old and in juco??? :hmmm: Ur a granddad at that level compared to your teammates. What happened after highschool? Played juco out of highschool. Got a scholarship to a D 1 from hard work and talent. Had a buddy in juco that was thinking the same way you are and started to juice. Got...
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    Cheap Foods / Recipes

    Have to agree. Could never find seafood from the USA in WalMart. I wouldn't touch that shit from china. Saw a pretty crazy documentary about seafood in SE asia. Finally found some Whiting last week that was wild caught and a product of the USA. Huge bag, pretty cheap and lots of protein. Taste...
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    Need help putting together a cutting diet. EXPERTS INSIDE I'm new :(

    If you must eat yogurt; choose greek yogurt. There are many yogurts on the market, and plain, nonfat Greek yogurt is a standout. All yogurts are excellent sources of calcium, potassium, protein, zinc, and vitamins B6 and B12. What distinguishes Greek yogurt is its thicker, creamier texture...
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    scared to inject a few weeks in?

    just buy some more tampons LOL. Man up and and stick!! "YOUUU CAN DO IT"
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    2nd cycle Have questions

    Depends on what you your trying to achieve! Cut, bulk? At 165 at would assume your looking to bulk!! What should I eat? Calorie intake? I cut this from the nutrition forum (Thanks Jodi) To figure your caloric needs the best method is calculate and track 3-5 days of meals. Once you've figured...
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    My first cycle ever

    You need to drop some bodyfat before you do anything. 20% is to high in my opinion. Gyno issues I would worry about with that high of %. Visit the other forums to get your diet in check. Others with alot more knowledge than me will chime in. Run a test only cycle. No need for anything else...
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    whats the deal with Tilapia?

    Where can you buy fish other than canned tuna from a domestic source? Any big box stores sell it?
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    whats the deal with Tilapia?

    I've looked everywhere for Tilapia not from China. Sorry but I'm not eatin Sh*t from China. Had to go there for work for a month. Saw some shit that would gag a maggot. It's hard to find wild caught domestic fish. Look in the fish section at your local walmart. There isn't a bag of fish or...
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    Domestic is here!!!

    :clapping:. Goin to raid my kids piggy bank. Its christmas is June for me!!!
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    Can't wait!!!!
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    diet for cutting.

    Cut out the tuna for your last meal. A good snack before bed is cottage cheese. Slow-digesting casein protein. Just one half cup serving of low-fat 2% cottage cheese has 16 grams protein. Those who closely monitor their carb intake may be pleased to know that a serving of cottage cheese yields...
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    50th post, now I'm legit!

    ^^ I don't even have 50 yet but its so you can pm or mybe they have this in mind :blowjob:!!! Just bustin balls!!
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    Peanut Butter

    gotta have my peanut butter!! Eating right now!!!!!!!
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    Nice!!! :clapping: Just waiting on Domestic..
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    Zline products

    I will be ordering from z. Just heard great things from the quality, ship time and customer service. Can't wait to try it out. I've waited for this Mon. to come ever since the halt.
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    Happy Memorial Day!

    Thanks to the men and women in our military.:clapping:
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    I don't order international. Do domestic.